Can You Bring Deodorant On A Plane?

Whether or not you can bring deodorant on a plane depends on the deodorant and how you’re packing it. But don’t be daunted! Traveling with deodorant is always worth it, in the name of smelling good.

Can You Bring Deodorant On A Plane?

In your checked luggage, absolutely. Put your deodorant in a baggie and pack it. 

If you’re trying to bring your deodorant in a carry on, that’s where things get tricky:

  • Solid deodorants are fine in checked or carry-on baggage. After all, they’re not liquids or aerosols.
  • Aerosol spray deodorants need to go in your checked bag, unless you have a travel-sized bottle for your carry on. 
  • Most roll on and gel deodorants can go in either your checked bag or your carry on, since most bottles carry under 3.4 ounces of gel and liquid. Just double check that that’s the case for your bottle. Put all your liquids in a zip lock bag together, no more than a quart in size.

I’m not a particular fan of solid deodorant, but air travel is one case where I recommend it without hesitation. It’s just easier to pack and get through TSA. All others, you’ll have to verify that they meet TSA requirements to go in your carry on.

Does Deodorant Count As Liquid On A Plane?

Gel and roll on deodorants both count as liquids on a plane. Spray deodorants either count as aerosols or liquids, depending on how they’re packaged. Solid stick deodorants do not count as liquids; you can pack them wherever and however you’d like.

A word of caution here: gel and roll on deodorants are both prone to melting and leaking with altitude and temperature change. If you opt to travel with gels or roll ons, you need to seal them in a plastic bag and make sure that the caps are on tight. I’ve had roll on deodorants burst in my hands, which could have been related to the altitude change or just the bottle position in my bag.

Both are great deodorant options, but not when you’re traveling.

Can You Put Deodorant In Your Checked Luggage?

You can always put deodorant in your checked luggage, no matter the type or size.

I recommend zip lock bagging it beforehand, and making sure all the caps are on tight. Even if you have solid deodorant, it would be a shame if it opened in flight and marked up your clothing.

I also recommend packing an unscented deodorant. That way, if worst comes to worst and it does pop open during your flight, at least it won’t leave your luggage smelling like a cesspool of fragrances. Here’s a list of some of the best unscented deodorants for men, if you’re looking to switch up your manly musk vibes.

Will TSA Throw Away Deodorant?

If you try to sneak a gel, roll on, or aerosol deodorant in your carry on, and it’s over 3.4 ounces or not sealed in a plastic bag, then yes. TSA will ask you to go check it, or they will dispose of it for you.

But hopefully you shouldn’t have to go through that ordeal, if you’re following our easy tips for flying with deodorant.