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How Long Does A Stick Of Deodorant Last For Men?

It’s the question you’re probably asking yourself if your deodorant just doesn’t seem to smell as good as it used to, or if you blasted through your last bottle in a week – how long is a stick of deodorant supposed to last?

That answer depends on a variety of factors, but the two big things you need to consider are whether you’re using an appropriate amount, and whether your deodorant carries an expiration date.

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How Long Does A Stick Of Deodorant Last?

Deodorant lasts anywhere from three months to a year.

Of course, that’s partially dependent on how heavy of a deodorant user you are, and how quickly your brand of deodorant expires. 

Before we really get into the nitty gritty aspects of how long the stick you’re currently using should last…if you’re reading this because your deodorant doesn’t seem to work like it used to, then I’ll confirm right now that it’s time for a new stick or spray. 

You can follow every “best by” date and online deodorant lifespan suggestion, but at the end of the day it comes down to whether you feel like you’re still getting all the same benefits you were when the stick was fresh. If the answer to that question is no, then toss the deodorant.

Deodorants that fall in the one-year (sometimes two-year) range are actually antiperspirants. Antiperspirants contain aluminum salts that block your sweat glands. One easy way to tell whether you’re using an antiperspirant or a deodorant is to look for the expiration date on the bottle. Because of the aluminum in Antiperspirants, they’re considered over the counter drugs by the FDA, so they’re required to have an expiration date.

You should definitely try to use up your antiperspirant before that expiration date, but if you notice a loss of scent, discoloration, or crumbling before that date, those are all good reasons to throw it out early (it may have gone bad).

Most deodorants, which do NOT contain sweat-gland-blocking aluminum, remain at their maximum potency for six months, and you’re likely to finish the stick in the two to six month range, depending on how heavy-handed you are with the deodorant.

High-quality, often all-natural deodorants sometimes fall in the three-month range. It depends on the brand, but because their ingredients are natural, they’re perishable. You’re also likely to use up a natural stick faster than a commercial stick.

How Long Does Deodorant Last If Used Everyday?

Deodorant lifespans vary, but the general rule you can use is that you should get at least two to three months out of a stick. Sprays might only last one month. Any less and you’re probably spending too much for something claiming to be “high quality” that’s actually a bad deal.

Lots of guys end up getting much more use out of a single stick. Plenty can hit the six month mark, but if that’s the case for you, just be careful to ask yourself whether you’re using enough deodorant. My personal sweet spot is the three to five month mark, which is more than enough even if you love to bring deodorant on planes and travel all year like a nomad.

If you’re getting more than six months out of a stick, this may sound counterintuitive, but it’s probably low-quality and not that great for your pits and sweat glands.

Deodorants that last that long without yellowing, crumbling, or losing their scent have too many artificial ingredients to be…useful. Sure, maybe they keep away the bad smells, but you should be able to expect more than that from your deodorant. It should encourage healthy skin and keep you smelling fresh.

How Long Does 75ml Deodorant Stick Last?

When you think of a 75ml deodorant, think of your “average” stick size that you’d find at the grocery store.

Like we talked about previously, deodorant lifespans vary widely. Heavy users who apply in the morning, before and after the gym, and even at night will run out pretty quickly. It’s a hazard of the lifestyle.

If you’re not quite getting your 75ml to last at least 2-3 months, you might want to pair it with an antiperspirant or another deodorant and rotate the two. Deodorants are more skin-friendly than antiperspirants, but antiperspirants are more effective at fighting sweat. Jumping between them can get you the best of both worlds.

How Long Does A 50ml Roll On Deodorant Last?

Think of a 50ml roll on deodorant as sort of travel-sized, but not teeny tiny.

Roll-on deodorants have a ball joint on top that dispenses deodorizing liquid. Interestingly, because you have more control over how much product you apply with a roll-on deodorant, even a smaller 50ml bottle should last at least a month or two, if not longer.

On the other hand, 50ml of solid deodorant is sample-size. They’re great for trying out a new product without being a big commitment. They won’t last that long.

How To Make Deodorant Last Longer

The real trick to all of this is knowing how to properly apply your deodorant. Guys who switch from stick to roll-on or spray usually make the fatal mistake of over-applying initially. You’ll get more out of any deodorant if you know how to spread it out without smelling bad.

Beyond that, you can try applying every other day. Lots of deodorants promis 48 hours of protection, but none of us really like to test that marketing vow. Sometimes it’s true!

Also, if you pack your deodorant to be on-the-go with you, be sure it doesn’t melt, leak, or even soften too much, depending on what type you’re using. Deodorant spills are one way to quickly waste a bottle or stick.

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