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5 Best Organic Face Scrub For Men In 2023

Great facial scrubs know how to carry the team when it comes to your weekly skincare routine. So the best organic face scrub really are must-haves, especially if you know how to use face scrubs that are gentle, natural, and effective. 

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Brickell Men’s Renewing Face Scrub (Our Top Pick)

All-natural, with no synthetic ingredients or additives. Brickell Men’s always brings a heavyweight to the ring when they show up to skincare fight night. I’ve written about their body scrubs before, and their renewing facial scrub lives up to the same polished, skin-friendly reputation.

What I really like about this face scrub is that it accounts for that classic mistake that so many guys make when it comes to facial scrubs: forgetting to moisturize afterwards. They use gentle exfoliants like coffee and jojoba beads paired with a mixture of natural oils and butters to ensure that your skin stays smooth and soft even if you forget the lotion.

It smells great, exfoliates like a pro, and can stand on its own. Honestly, I’d dub this the best organic exfoliating scrubs for men, period. I’d also recommend you pair it with Brickell Men’s charcoal face wash, which we ranked as one of the best face wash for men.


• Brickell Men’s renewing facial scrub is designed with guys in mind; you can use it as an all-in-one cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer.

• This scrub is especially good as a pre-shave. Smooths the skin so that the blade doesn’t catch or nic.

• Its scent is fresh – the aloe and organic oils take a front seat, creating something almost citrus-y.


• Brickell Men’s is a luxury brand and they come with a luxury price tag. The value is there, but it’s a big upfront investment.

• It’s not a good product for extreme skincare cases. If you have especially sensitive skin, or especially hardy skin, this probably isn’t the scrub for you.

Era Organics Face Scrub

Era Organics makes some of the best facial scrubs for dry skin. On first glance, the bottle looks too gritty to pass the sensitive skin test, but once you get it on, it pulls some smooth moves to keep your face happy and refreshed while exfoliating away grime.

The real ingredient appeal here is the manuka honey. It has anti-inflammatory agents that soothe sensitive skin. The smell is invisible, so you can also dodge that weird medicinal odor that most sensitive skin products carry.

The “microdermabrasion” sales pitch just means that the product is designed to remove wrinkles and blemishes with incredibly gentle exfoliation. And, boy oh boy, Era Organics has mastered microdermabrasion.


• Era Organics is insanely gentle. You won’t find another exfoliant as gentle as this one.

• This scrub is great for rejuvenation. It works miracles on wrinkles and acne.

• The scent is nonexistent, so you don’t have to worry about it irritating your nose or clashing with your other scented products.

• This isn’t the case with most scrubs, but Era Organics’ scrub doubles as a face mask. That’s an impressive ingredient feat!


• It’s not exactly a “manly” scrub. If you have a dirty job and need the support of a quick and gritty scrub, this is not the one.

• Because scrubs aren’t meant to be used every day…it almost feels like a waste that sensitive skin people can’t get the benefits of this scrub every day.

Thrive Energy Face Scrub

If you’re easing into the world of face scrubs and looking for a classic, standard experience, Thrive is the way to go. Their energy face scrub contains all the “right” ingredients. Jojoba oil, glycerin, coffee, citruses – it’s a logical, natural, and best of all, skin-friendly combination.

Lots of guys say that they don’t mind using Thrive’s Energy face scrub daily. That’s a two sided coin in my eyes. It’s a great value skincare product that you can get a lot of use out of, but it also doesn’t quite do its job right. Scrubs are NOT meant to be used every day. If you’re using a scrub every day without experiencing any skin issues…then it might not be doing its job as a scrub.

Still, I’m impressed with how high-quality, affordable, and effective Thrive’s scrub is. It’s the right price for the value it’s offering, and it’ll has those good-skin-feeling vibes even you’re a young dude who wants to look great for the girls or you’re an older man just trying to tighten their skin.


• Great for average skin! The majority of guys will have a positive experience with Thrive, and you’ll get all the normal benefits of scrubs.

• It’s an affordable and standard option as far as scrubs go. A great way to ease into the world of organic face scrubs.

• The squeeze-out bottle design is so much more convenient than some of the other screw-cap bottles out there. Good for handling with wet hands and good for not wasting product.


• It’s not very unique, and it doesn’t have any stand-out ingredients or prominent scents. The main marketing appeal is the fact that it’s all-natural.

Teami Matcha Green Tea Facial Scrub

I’m not going to pretend that this is a manly product, but I will say, if your partner likes to take cute facemask selfies together, Teami Matcha Green Tea facial scrub is for you. It has that “I like tea so much I’d like to put it on my face” mood. Not a bad idea!

It’s gentle and pore-tightening, and it feels really, really good against your skin. Lots of scrubs are effective, but few scrubs manage to provide that relaxation along the way. Teami does both with ease.

Green Tea scrub also lasts for an incredibly long time if you’re using it correctly. Keep it down to 2-3 weekly uses, and you can stretch the bottle out for several months.


• If you like to use facial scrubs just for the satisfying feeling and experience of using a facial scrub, Teami promises all that and more.

• The bottle has a long lifespan, great for infrequent but regular use.

• It doubles as a skin cleanser, so all you need to bring to the table is a moisturizer for soft, supple skin.


• It’s not at all a manly product. I’d call it the “I use it when my girlfriend comes over” scrub.

Beauty by Earth Face Scrub Exfoliating Face Wash

Another great two in one product. Beauty by Earth’s face scrub and wash will exfoliate and soothe skin, while clearing away gunk and bacteria – all the basics of both a face wash and face scrub.

They’re a lesser known brand, but they’re the best at creating good facial products for acne. If you’re looking for a hygiene routine that can go back to the bare minimum of clearing up splotches, Beauty by Earth is a great place to start. 

Plus, the benefit of using a face scrub and wash together is that it’s another sensitive skin-approved product. Lots of guys find that straight scrubs are just too harsh. Dilute the scrub with a wash, and suddenly it’s much more manageable, even soothing.


• Great if you’re on the go and hate to keep up with your skincare routine. Use this, then facial lotion, and you’re good. Two thirds of the basics in this bottle.

• It’s good for sensitive skin

• A great option if you’re suffering from adult acne. Drop the heavyweight products and go back to the basics of a scrub and a cleanser to give your skin a break.


• It’s another very “girly” product. But most facial scrubs are. Gotta suck it up sometimes.

• Because it functions as a scrub…you still can’t use it everyday. So you’ll still need a separate facial wash for non-scrub days. So much for two in one.

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