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Benefits Of Natural Deodorant For Men

Lots of crazy Amazon reviewers like to tell horror stories about their natural deodorant experiences. But trust me, they’re in the minority. When you get a taste of all the benefits of natural deodorant for men, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t make the switch earlier. 

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What Is Natural Deodorant?

At its core, if a deodorant labels itself as natural, that usually means it’s aluminum-free.

Real natural deodorants use all-natural ingredients, but if you can at least find something aluminum-free, you’ll be in good shape. 

When you use a natural stick for the first time, you might be surprised by how gritty and hardy it feels. It’s a particularly nice sensation if you have a lot of armpit hair – it’ll really feel like it’s working, more so than whatever deodorant you usually pick up at the store.

Most natural deodorants have a subtle smell. They pair well with rich colognes.

Natural deodorants also allow you to sweat, which will be a huge sigh of relief for your armpits. You’ll smell great and feel less clogged up.

Succinctly, natural deodorants are nothing like commercial deodorants. They’re healthier and more authentic, which pretty sums up the benefits of natural deodorant. Plus, they won’t expire any faster than normal deodorants.

Are Natural Deodorants Actually Better For You?

We mentioned above that natural deodorants let you sweat while still smelling good. That’s the real argument for why they’re significantly better for you than “normal” deodorants.

Commercial deodorants that contain aluminum block your sweat glands. You’ll feel the full effects of that blockage when you first try to switch off of commercial deodorants – bad-smelling sweat, itchy skin, occasional rashes. It’s like trying to extract yourself from a messy, bad relationship.

Lots of guys mistakenly blame those side effects on natural deodorants when they’re trying to make the switch. It’s actually leaving aluminum-based deodorants that causes those symptoms. And that speaks volumes!

Switching to natural deodorants will help you avoid future skin irritation and unhappy sweat glands.

Benefits Of Natural Deodorant For Men

Natural Deodorants Are Hardier

You’ll feel it when you first apply one. That firm texture, a goes-on and stays-on sensation. Natural deodorants are known for having thicker, grittier consistencies that let you know they’re really working.

Natural Deodorants Use Authentic Ingredients

It gets tiresome putting products in and on your body without actually understanding the ingredient lists. Natural deodorants are transparent with their ingredients, and they’re easy to follow since…you guessed it…they’re all-natural!

You won’t have to worry about mystery allergic reactions to unknown chemicals. And you won’t have to pray that no studies come out, pointing to some obscure cancer-causing deodorant ingredient.

Natural Deodorants Are Better For Your Skin

Because they use all-natural ingredients, natural deodorants are gentler on your skin (even if they have that rough texture while applying). They balance your armpit chemistry. And they’re especially good if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis.

Natural Deodorants Encourage Healthy Sweat

Since when have we decided that sweat is a bad thing? Sweat is your natural cooling system, keeping you from overheating or becoming sick. Natural deodorants let you sweat freely while smelling as fresh as a crisp summer day.

Natural Deodorants Provide Full Odor Coverage

Lots of guys worry that the “lets you sweat” promise of natural deodorant will cause B.O. The opposite is true: natural deodorants neutralize all those bad smells. They’re just as effective as “normal” deodorants when it comes to odor protection.

Natural Deodorants Are Formulated For YOUR Skin

One of my personal favorite benefits of natural deodorant is that finding the right one for your skin is like finding your hygiene soulmate. Natural deodorants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and ingredient combos, so you can find one that’s perfect for your scent and skincare wants.

Natural Deodorants Pair Well With Other Scents

Natural deodorants are often very subtle. It’s hard to make an overwhelmingly strong scent come through when you’re not using any artificial fragrances. That’s a big perk for my soap and cologne lovers; you don’t have to worry about “matching” your deodorant to your other product smells.

Does Natural Deodorant Have Antiperspirant?

Natural deodorants do NOT have antiperspirant, which is one of the main benefits of natural deodorant for most guys who use them.

Antiperspirant gets its name from one key ingredient: aluminum. Aluminum is the component that clogs your sweat glands and stains your t-shirts. It makes antiperspirants more effective sweat fighters, but at the cost of your armpit health and comfort.

If you don’t suffer from heavy, uncontrollable B.O., then I recommend staying as far from antiperspirants as possible. Sweat is natural, and there are plenty of ways to smell good while sweating (especially if you’re dabbling in natural deodorants!)

What Happens To Your Body When You Switch To Natural Deodorant?

Some guys have to detox for about a month when they switch to a natural deodorant. Others might have to experiment with which natural ingredients are the right fit for their pits. A handful get to go through the exciting world of discovering new allergies. Lots of guys switch over with no problems whatsoever.

But whatever camp you’re in, switching to natural deodorant will ultimately balance your armpit chemistry, helping you smell fresher and feel healthier. It might take some experimentation, but your skin will thank you for throwing out your commercial deodorants.

For those who do go through a detox or experience allergic reactions, we’ll talk more about what to do and expect in the detox section below.

Why Do I Stink With Natural Deodorant?

For the few of you that picked up a natural deodorant and started to stink or itch, it’s because you’re detoxing.

We’ll talk about what detoxing is like in detail in the next section, but the important thing to know is that it’s a temporary process that lasts about two weeks for most guys. And afterwards, you’ll feel better than ever before.

If that two to four week window passes, and you’re still feeling icky, then it very well could be an allergic reaction.

That’s why it’s important to test all natural deodorants somewhere besides your armpits. Smear a little bit on your arm or the back of your hand and see what happens. If you break out, then don’t use the product because one of the ingredients is reacting negatively against your skin. If you don’t break out, then any initial armpit rashes or smells are from the detox, not the deodorant.

How Do You Detox Your Armpits?

There are only two steps to detoxing your pits. Stop using products that contain aluminum, and start using something with all-natural ingredients. Lots of guys don’t experience any side-effects, but others might smell bad for a few weeks and get rashy.

Our guide to detoxing armpits has more details, but the gist of why detoxing smells and feels bad is that the ingredients in the run-of-the-mill deodorant you’ve been using have built up in your skin. As you sweat during the detox, you’re excreting all those chemicals and bacteria. That makes your sweat unusually pungent and your skin unusually uncomfortable.

Detoxes can last anywhere from one to four weeks. So, your natural deodorant will have to work double time trying to cover up those unusually bad detox smells, which is a lofty job for any deodorant.

Rest assured, if it seems like your natural deodorant is making things “worse” for your scent situation, it’s actually the aftertaste of your old deodorant. You’ll smell clean and manly in a jiffy.

Don’t let the idea of detoxing dissuade you from trying out a natural deodorant. Lots of guys never even notice the detox phase, and even if you’re the exception, your pits will thank you for using gentler ingredients to ward off B.O.

How Often Should You Apply Natural Deodorant?

Natural deodorant follows the same rules as “normal” deodorant. One or two daily applications is perfect for the average guy.

Keep in mind, you’ll sweat more when you use natural deodorant. That’s not a bad thing, and you only need to reapply once you notice that your sweat is starting to stink.

The better question is how much you should apply. Just like any other deodorant, natural deodorant only requires a thin layer to be effective. If you’re using a natural spray, apply it to bare skin (NOT clothing) and go light. People should notice your scent when they lean in for a handshake or a hug, not when they’re a yard or two away.

If you don’t feel like your natural deodorant is effective enough, try to find a new stick or spray with different ingredients. Oftentimes, natural deodorants are not one-size-fits-all. You’ll need to get ready for some light experimentation to find the right one for your skin type.

Does Natural Deodorant Take A While To Work?

Natural deodorant works immediately if it’s the right fit for your skin. You just might not notice it while you’re going through your detox.

Once you hit the two to four week mark, ask yourself whether you’re getting all you want out of your deodorant. If the answer is no, then that particular natural deodorant might not be the right one for you. Try a new ingredient combo!

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