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5 Best Alcohol Free Deodorant For Men In 2023

If you like your alcohol the way you like your deodorant, then I hate to have to be the one to tell you, but that’s so weird. Let me introduce you to the world of the best alcohol free deodorant for men, so that you can figure out how to keep your perspirants away from your spirits.

But before I get into all the highest-rated, reliable alcohol-free deodorant products, let’s answer the why here. Alcohol is an effective bacteria-killer, and bacteria is one of the main causes of B.O. That’s why lots of deodorants and antiperspirants use alcohol as a main ingredient. The big downside is that it messes with the friendly natural bacteria on your skin, and it dries out your pits, sometimes leading to irritation and rashes.

Especially for those of you suffering from a pit ailment, alcohol-free deodorant could be your cure.

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Oars + Alps Natural Deodorant (Our Top Pick)

Oars + Alps has built their brand on the promise of all-natural skincare, so you’ll be surprised at how high quality and gentle all of their hygiene products are. Their deodorant in particular feels and smells great, and has an almost soft texture.

I will say, your first time trying a natural deodorant will be a shock. It won’t last as long as you want it too; the texture might feel weird. It’ll take some getting used to, but your pits will thank you in the long run. And, Oars + Alps is a great introduction to natural products. It has the long-lasting qualities of commercial deodorants, without the harmful ingredients.


• Clean and fresh! Gender-neutral, but easy to pair with other scented products.

• A great introduction to natural deodorants. Looks and feels similar to “regular” deodorant.


• Stains dark clothing if you over-apply.

• If it’s your first time going natural, there’s a solid chance you’ll get rashy while your body detoxes.

Baxter Of California Deodorant

Baxter of California always earns top Amazon ratings for their men’s hygiene products, and their deodorant line is no exception. They’re a “by men, for men” kind of brand, so you’re in good hands with the scent and longevity.

Not only is this stick alcohol-free, but it’s also aluminum-free and still running with the big dogs. Aluminum and alcohol are horrible for your pits, but they’re also the two main ingredients that block sweat and control odor. So it’s that much more impressive that Baxter manages to do both without either ingredient!

For those reasons, we also ranked it as one of the best men’s deodorant for sensitive skin!


• Has that manly musk kind of smell.

• Baxter of California is one brand you can trust.

• It’s made by men, for men, so the producers have your back.


• Won’t last all day for most users. You’ll have to reapply.

Malin + Goetz Deodorant

Jokingly, I’d call this the smart stick. If there’s one ingredient that lets you easily swap out the alcohol, it’s eucalyptus. That’s exactly what Malin + Goetz have done here. Well played. *Slow clap*

Eucalyptus has that sweet, fresh scent, and it’s gentle but anti microbial. So it’ll effectively fight odor-causing bacteria without royally messing up your pH. Personally, my favorite part about this Malin + Goetz stick is that it’s clear, so it doesn’t stain clothing or leave marks on black shirts, so you won’t need to be an expert on how to get deodorant stains out.


• What a smell! Subtle, so fresh, distinctly planty. Not manly, but fresh.

• Great for sensitive skin. Very gentle and friendly.

• Almost completely all-natural. Gets rid of the worst offending synthetic ingredients.


• The scent doesn’t last all day for many users.

• You’ll have to re-apply for full protection.

Jack Black Pit Boss

I consider myself a fan of Jack Black soap, but I think I might be an even bigger fan of Jack Black deodorant. They make odor protection, sweat reduction, and alcohol-free deodorants look like a piece of cake. Striking that balance is hard! But Jack Black does it effortlessly.

The “Pit Boss” really lives up to its name. The scent isn’t strong or overwhelming, but it’s there, and it’s manly. My only complaint is that the stick doesn’t last very long, but that’s a sin I’m mostly willing to forgive, considering it’s gentle, alcohol-free, and maintains that all-day odor protection (hence why it’s also one of the best sports deodorant for men!)


• Despite being alcohol-free, it’s an amazing sweat and odor fighter.

• The scent is subtle but definitely masculine. Easy to pair with a good cologne.


• The stick won’t last very long.

• It’s powdery, and will come away in clumps if you don’t treat it gently.

Azzaro Wanted Deodorant Stick

Here’s your luxury, alcohol-free, smells like money, the whole kit and caboodle deodorant. Azzaro is an upscale brand, so if you’re looking for something a little bit niche and unique, their Wanted stick is for you.

It has a pleasant citrus smell, just distinct enough that you’ll need to let it stand alone and do it’s thing. No cologne with this deodorant, which does save you money.

And when I say high quality…it’s going to feel good and last all day. I wouldn’t consider this a workout deodorant, so much as a great deodorant to wear to work and dates if you’re looking for a great first impression.


• Talk about luxury! Feels and smells great.

• Lasts all day without needing to reapply


• Not all-natural.

• It’s…pricey. This really is only for devout luxury product buyers.

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