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5 Best BaByliss Clippers In 2023

BaByliss is the Ferrari of professional hair clippers. If you’d like to upgrade your collection, these are the best BaByliss clippers to buy. 

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BaBylissPRO Black FX (Our Top Pick)

We’re starting with what is arguably BaByliss’ most elegant clipper. It has an all-black design with gold detailing, and thanks to BaByliss’ signature knurled handle, its silhouette is unique, as well. It’s a very attractive, masculine tool. 

This powerful cordless clipper design comes with a robust set of add-ons. It’s best suited for cutting hair, but it could also work for grooming and shaping facial hair. It’s constructed with a high-carbon Graphite Fade Blade, which doesn’t have much of a taper. As a result, it’s fantastic for creating close skin fades, especially if you adjust the blades to a zero-gap setting. For those hoping for a tool for general cutting, it might be an overkill. 

It has a lithium battery that, when fully charged, can power the Ferrari-designed brushless high-torque engine for 2 hours of use. This is more than enough for both home and professional use, especially since it can also work well when plugged in. 

Since it’s a classic clipper, it’s fitted with a lever for adjusting the blade. It also comes with 8 comb guards (1.5 mm to 19 mm) for cutting longer lengths. It comes with a few other add-ons, like a cleaning brush, blade oil, and a mini-screwdriver for adjusting the blade gap. 


  • This clipper is made with a unique Graphite Fade Blade that provides an extremely close shave. 
  • The upscale black and gold design has a great masculine vibe. 
  • 2-hour use time is more than enough for most barbers and casual users.
  • Comes with a range of comb guards and other accessories. 


  • The fade blade might be too much for those hoping to create softer fades or cuts. 

BaBylissPRO Silver FX

Now we move on to the Metal FX series, starting with the Silver FX. This silver clipper has a slightly more vintage aesthetic, and it’s fitted with blades that are suitable for more traditional haircutting and grooming. 

For the most part, the Silver FX is very similar to the Black FX. It features the same basic build, so the lithium battery and brushless engine specs are the same. The engine is actually very impressive since the brushless construction is powerful yet quiet, and less prone to breakage compared to rotary motors.  It also comes with the same great range of comb guards and other accessories.  

The biggest difference is the taper blade, which is made of high-carbon stainless steel. It’s a very sharp blade, although some users complain that its performance starts to fail a little faster than other BaByliss blades. The shape is ideal for creating softer fades that aren’t dramatically bald. It’s very comfortable to work with, and will likely suit even entry-level users. It can be zero-gapped, as well, if you want to create a closer shave, but the actual positioning of the blade won’t be quite as comfortable because of the added bulk.    

Unlike some of the other BaBylissPRO clippers, the Silver FX doesn’t have any color coating. The metal it’s made of is highly polished, so it keeps its color and shine quite easily (just as long as you wipe it down regularly).   


  • Blades are excellent for more traditional haircutting and soft fades. 
  • Same high-quality build as Black FX with a cool vintage aesthetic. 
  • Brushless engine keeps this tool working quietly and guarantees better longevity. 
  • No coating on this clipper means it’ll look better for longer. 


  • The blade isn’t as durable as the ones on the Black FX or Gold FX clippers

BaBylissPRO Cordless Clipper


If you’re not into the fussy style of the FX line, you might prefer this more rugged-looking clipper. Despite its no-frills appearance, it’s a utilitarian tool that boasts some unique benefits. 

Just like the FX clippers, this simple cordless clipper also boasts a powerful, long-lasting brushless high-torque motor. This means that despite the basic style, the technology inside is very robust and well-performing. The blade itself is also impressive, with a similar coating to the Gold FX blade that guarantees longevity. 

Since the body is made of plastic, it’s actually significantly lighter than the tools in the FX line. This makes using it easier, since it’s lighter and more comfortable to hold, especially if you’re self-cutting. 

Finally, it actually has a longer run time than the FX clippers, with a full battery lasting for 3 hours of use. All-in-all, it may not have the style of the other BaByliss clippers, but it certainly has the substance.  


  • A more affordable alternative to the Metal FX line with similar features but a non-fussy design. 
  • Made with the same brushless motor as more lux BaByliss clippers, for excellent power and longevity. 
  • The lightweight body is easier to hold for long periods of time. 
  • The long-lasting battery can power the clipper for 3 hours of use. 


  • Considering the price, the generic appearance can be disappointing. 

BaBylissPRO Gold FX

Next is the Gold FX. If you can’t tell from the color, its considered the most high-end BaByliss clipper. This clipper generates a lot of hype, in part because of BaByliss’ intense influencer marketing efforts, so you may have seen some of your favorite YouTube barbers use it. In practice, this clipper is quite impressive, but it’s not necessarily a needed upgrade from the Silver FX. 

The coated stainless steel blade is the only notable difference. The coating is DLC Titanium, which makes for a more long-lasting blade that’ll retain its sharpness for a while. The shape is about the same, so it’s definitely a better choice for softer fades and general cutting, while the Black FX is better for tight fades.  

As with the other Metal FX series clippers, the Gold FX also comes with 8 comb attachments and other helpful accessories. 


  • Same powerful motor and unique aesthetic as other FX clippers. 
  • DLC Titanium blades offer higher sharpness and better longevity. 
  • Comes with a full range of accessories for cutting hair and maintaining the razor. 


  • The blade upgrade doesn’t necessarily justify purchasing this luxury clipper. 

BaBylissPRO Rose FX

Finally, this gorgeous clipper is a nice option if you’re all about style. It has the exact same specs as the Silver FX, so it’s a fantastic clipper for general haircuts and softer fades. The brushless engine guarantees quiet, long-lasting operation. 

The only significant difference is the rose gold coating, which gives these clippers a soft, unique aesthetic. Sadly, with time, some of the coating can chip, which can take away from this tool’s beauty. That said, it’ll still function well despite the potential for minor cosmetic damage. 


  • Same features as Silver FX clipper, making for an elegant, well-performing clipper for haircuts and soft fades. 
  • The powerful engine is known for its durability and quiet operation. 
  • Rose gold coating has a unique, memorable aesthetic. 


  • The coating can chip off with time, hurting the elegance of this clipper. 

Are BaByliss Clippers Good?

BaByliss is considered the most upscale of the professional barbershop brands, and their clippers are genuinely very good. BaByliss has put a lot of work into designing the motor in their range of clippers to guarantee longevity, while the design of the FX series is remarkably eye-catching. BaByliss definitely merits the high price tag, and there’s a reason why so many barbers are happy to use their clippers. 

Is There A Difference Between BaByliss Clippers?

The differences between the various BaByliss clippers are pretty subtle, especially when you shop within the prestigious BaBylissPRO FX range. 

The clippers in the FX range, as a whole, are more similar than they are different. They have the same type of motor and battery, the same basic build, and they come with the same set of accessories. 

The main difference is the blades: 

  • The Black FX has flat graphite blades that are perfect for close shaving and fading.
  • The Silver FX and Rose Gold FX come with stainless steel blades designed for more general clipping and softer fades. 
  • The Gold FX has blades with a similar shape to the Silver and Rose Gold, but with a coating that increases sharpness and longevity. 

That said, the blades are removable, and each one of the clippers in the FX line can take any of the other compatible blades. You can switch things up if you want, especially once the blades wear out and you need to find a replacement. 

So bottom line, don’t be afraid of making your final decision based on which clipper colorway you like best or which model is on sale at any given time. 

Are BaByliss Clippers Better Than Wahl?

BaByliss positions itself as a luxury brand in the barbering world, but does that mean it’s better than staple barbershop clippers like Wahl or Andis? The answer really depends on what you demand out of your clippers. 

  • Most BaByliss clippers have a quiet brushless motor, which corresponds with better longevity compared to the rotary motors on most Wahl clippers which are faster to break down. This can be especially useful in a professional setting, while for at-home use, it’s probably not a big benefit. 
  • BaByliss clippers have a very specific, noticeable aesthetic. They look more stylish, which can enhance your overall enjoyment when using them. 
  • BaBylissPRO FX clippers require a different hold – some barbers find that they’re actually less comfortable than Wahl and Andis clippers, while others like the rounded handle. 

I think BaByliss definitely surpasses Wahl, but unless you’re a professional barber, it’s probably not better enough to justify paying 2 to 3 times the price. 

Can You Put Wahl Clippers On BaByliss?

Yes! You can definitely put Wahl clipper blades and combs on a BaByliss tool. 

If you already have a set of Wahl comb guards, you’re probably already used to working with them. They fit quite easily on a BaByliss clipper, so that should be no issue. 

Clipper blades will wear away within a few years, even with perfect care. Compared to Wahl, BaByliss blade replacements are pretty expensive. Switching to Wahl blades is a great way to save money while still enjoying the fantastic build and unique motor of BaByliss clippers. It does require a bit of care and some equipment, so YouTube tutorials can be helpful. 

Do BaByliss Clippers Come With Guards?

Yes. All BaBylissPRO clippers come with 8 comb guards that go from 1.5 mm to 19 mm.  

How Long Do BaByliss Clippers Last?

BaByliss clippers are very long-lasting, thanks to the more durable brushless high-torque motor. Your clippers could easily last you for years and even decades. 

The blades themselves will wear out a lot more quickly. Professional barbers who use their clippers multiple times a day every day might need to replace the blades within six months. Those who use their clippers for at-home hair cuts or beard shaping might be able to use the same blades for up to a couple of years. 

If you want, you can also try to sharpen your clipper blades by yourself to increase their longevity and save some money.

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