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5 Best Andis Clippers In 2023

Andis is one of the oldest barbershop brands, with a century-long history of making clippers and other haircutting implements. If you’d like to own a pro-caliber haircutting tool, these are the best Andis clippers for every experience level and style. 

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Andis 01557 Master Hair Clipper (Our Top Pick)

The Master is the most iconic Andis clipper. Every barber has to try it at least once just to understand what the hype is about. It’s a fast, heavy-duty clipper with a reputation for cutting hair extremely quickly. 

This clipper has a large magnetic motor, which corresponds with a very high cutting speed. It’s very smooth and easy to work with, although it works better on straight hair rather than on curly hair, although it can handle even extreme thickness levels. This kind of motor can’t work with a battery, so you’ll only find it in corded tools. However, this factor combined with the aluminum body leads to a very durable, long-lasting clipper. 

The blades are another big point of success. They’re incredibly sharp and able to cut through hair easily. They can be adjusted from 000 (0.5 mm) to 1 (3 mm) without the need for adding comb guards, which makes blending out soft fades very easy. They can also be zero-gapped, but it does increase the chance of cutting the skin (especially compared to using a fade blade), so I’d recommend against it. 

Final note – it’s a very heavy clipper, but for most users, it’s not an issue. It cuts so fast that you won’t find yourself needing to hold it for long. If you do find yourself using it for a long bout of cutting, you’ll probably notice the body gets pretty hot. This shouldn’t impact performance, but some users find it uncomfortable. 


  • Iconic barbershop clipper that every professional should try at least once. 
  • Cuts large amounts of hair very quickly thanks to a magnetic motor.
  • Heavy-duty, durable construction guarantees that this clipper will last you for a long time.
  • Ultra-sharp blades with a very versatile cutting range that’s perfect for soft fades and short haircuts


  • Heavy so it’s not comfortable to hold for long periods of time.
  • Can overheat because of the metal body.

Andis Professional Barber Combo

This clipper duo may not be as attractive as other Andis models, but it’s incredibly useful. The Barber Combo comes with two of the best Andis clippers for beginners and home use: the Professional Heavy-Duty Clipper and the T-Outliner Trimmer. It also comes with 6 clipper combs, 4 trimmer combs, and blade oil. 

Both of these tools are designed strictly for corded use, so they have strong, durable magnetic motors. Make sure to only pick them up if you always have convenient access to a power plug. 

The clipper runs at 7200 cuts per minute, which is not as fast as the Master but is still very sufficient for all hair types and experience levels. It has a carbon steel blade that cuts from 0.5 mm to 2.4 mm with a quick switch of the level, which is excellent for soft fades and trimming. It can get pretty loud when you use it, which can be a little annoying but is a small price to pay for the excellent value the kit offers.  

The T-Outliner is a great little bonus. It can double as a fading tool if you’re just using it at home, and it’s fantastic for cleaning up a beard outline. Thanks to the combs, you can also use the trimmer to shape or shave your facial hair. 


  • The combo includes everything you need to cut hair, trim a beard, or refine a fade. 
  • Strong, durable clipper and trimmer with powerful magnetic motors. 
  • A slightly slower cutting speed accommodates a wide range of hair types. 
  • Excellent value thanks to the large range of accessories. 


  • Designed only for corded use, which can be an issue when grooming your own hair. 
  • The clipper is a little loud and heavy, which can be annoying for some users. 

Andis 12470 Master Cordless Hair Clipper

This is the cordless version of the Andis Master, offering better portability and a lower risk of getting tangled up in cords. It still measures up to the Master’s reputation, with a heavy-duty, durable body that’ll hold up against plenty of use and abuse.  

It has a rotary motor, unlike the corded version. This motor runs pretty fast (although it’s not as fast as the magnetic motor on the corded Master), but speed is not the only metric of cutting power. In fact, rotary motors have an easier time cutting coarse hair, so this will be a better choice if you have curly hair. Just be aware that it can get pretty loud, which might be annoying after a while. 

The battery lasts for 90 minutes of use, which is more than enough for both home and professional use. 

Otherwise, the specs are similar to the original Master, with sharp, easy-to-adjust blades that work magnificently at creating soft fades or just at mowing down a lot of hair. It’s not as durable as the corded version, but then again, no cordless clipper can be. 


  • Portable alternative to the Andis master for anyone who hates getting tangled in cords.
  • 90-minute runtime is perfect for both professional and home cuts.
  • Rotary motor works better on coarse or curly hair


  • Not as long-lasting as corded clippers would be. 
  • Can get annoyingly loud. 

Andis 01690 Fade Master Hair Clipper

If you’re after a clipper that creates really sleek fades and bald cuts, the Fade Master are the best Andis clippers to buy. The body is identical to the corded Master, but the blade is a big change.   

The Fade Master has an ultra-sharp blade, much like the original Master, but it’s much thinner and flatter. It’s pre-set specifically to cut from 00000 (0.2 mm) to (0.5 mm), which provides a lot of precision and allows for very fine fading. It’s also close enough that there’s no need to zero-gap it. After you use it for fading, you can finish a look off with a foil shaver or manual razor if you want things looking extra crips. 

Because it’s designed to cut so closely, the Fade Master isn’t particularly versatile as a cutting tool. It’s all about that close shave, and you wouldn’t want to use it with guards or attempt to remove bulk with it. 

If you already own the original Master, you can also just purchase the Fade Master blade. The specs for the actual body are the same, so the Fade Master is extremely durable and fast, but you don’t necessarily need to own both. 


  • A version of the Master with an ultra-close cutting blade designed specifically for very bald cuts.  
  • Allows for very precise adjustments, which makes fading hair cleanly quite easy
  • Same incredible power and durability as the corded Master. 


  • If you’re looking for something for home use, this clipper alone won’t be enough. 
  • Same drawbacks as the OG Master, meaning that it’s heavy and can overheat. 

Andis 69100 ProAlloy Hair Clipper

The ProAlloy is Andis’ most comfortable clipper. It’s the perfect choice for those who are just getting into cutting hair and don’t necessarily need something as heavy-duty as the Master. 

It’s budget-friendly, especially compared to Andis’ more professional clippers, so it’ll probably also appeal if you’re doing self-cuts or trimming your family’s hair. Unlike other Andis clippers, it also comes with a set of guards, which saves the headache of purchasing those separately.  

This clipper is much quieter and cooler than the other best Andis clippers, while still offering commendable cutting power. If you’re still learning, it may take you longer to complete a single haircut, so the fact that the clipper remains cool and comfortable to hold is a big bonus. 

The motor itself is magnetic, but it’s not as powerful as the corded Master, so it doesn’t run as fast. The speed is closer to the cordless Master, which also means it can have an easier time feeding curly or coarse hair through the blades. 

Finally, the blade is sharp and durable, but it’s a little thicker than the Master’s blade, which works for general cutting and very soft fades, but might not be enough as your skills progress. If you want to be able to do a little more, you might prefer the Professional Barber Combo since it also includes a trimmer.


  • This clipper is a lot more comfortable for beginners thanks to a cooler, quieter operation.
  • Budget-friendly alternative for those needing a simpler tool to use at home. 
  • Comes with a set of guards, which adds value to the kit. 
  • Works well on all hair types. 


  • The blade isn’t as impressive at blending hair as other Andis tools. 
  • Not the speediest clipper. 

Does Andis Make Good Clippers?

Definitely! Andis has been in the clipper business for a century now, and it has made a significant mark on the industry. Despite having been around for so long, Andis continues to innovate and release new products, and its blades are considered some of the best on the market.

Are Andis Clippers Better Than Wahl?

Andis and Wahl both make excellent clippers, which is why both brands are barbershop staples. There are some differences between the two brands, though, so here’s how to decide from who you should buy your next clipper. 

In general, Andis is much more focused on professionals. Andis clippers are generally a little heavier, so they’re not the most comfortable for self-cuts, but they’re very powerful and durable. They hold up well against a lot of use – I’m talking cut after cut, day-in-day-out. 

They might be overkill for home use, especially if you only trim your hair and beard on a weekly basis, although the ProAlloy is an exception to that rule. That said, if you’re after a specific look, you will definitely enjoy precision tools like the Andis T-Outliner or the Fade Master. 

Wahl, on the other hand, designs clippers both for professionals and amateurs cutting their own or their family’s hair. Their pro range isn’t as hefty as Andis’, so even if you take haircutting more seriously but the idea of heavy clippers doesn’t appeal to you, you might be interested in learning about the best Wahl clippers

How Long Do Andis Clippers Last?

While Andis doesn’t make any claims about how long its clippers will last, many barbers note that they’ve owned and used the same clipper for up to ten years – and this is with professional, near-daily use. With proper care, you can definitely expect your Andis clippers to last for a very long time. 

Cordless clippers might have a shorter life since batteries can start to fail, but corded clippers, in particular, could easily keep working for decades. 

What you will need to replace are the Andis clipper blades. They can wear away and lose their sharpness with time. If you’re using your clippers in a professional setting, you’ll probably need to replace the blades within 3-6 months. For at-home use, your blades will likely keep performing well for a year or two, especially if you take great care of them. 

You’ll know that your blades are starting to fail if they don’t cut through hair as easily anymore, or if you feel any pulling while using the clipper.

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