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Benefits Of Oatmeal Soap For Men

Sometimes we need to do very unsexy things in the name of being sexy at some point in the future. And, by that, I mean letting your skin reap all the benefits of a good oatmeal soap.

You might smell a little bit like a grandma at first, but when it comes to controlling breakouts, soothing razor nics, and keeping your skin soft and kissable, oatmeal soap is the answer to being one sexy b*st*rd.

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Benefits Of Oatmeal Soap

Oatmeal Is The MVP Of Added Soap Ingredients

You’ll find oatmeal in a lot of natural soaps, and that’s because it’s a team player.

It’s one of those do-it-all, gentle ingredients that takes bar soap to the next level. Whether soap makers need a little something extra to make their soap a better exfoliant, moisturizer, toner, sensitive-skin-tamer, scent diluter, or cleanser, oatmeal is always first in line to take up the mantle.

There is a small downside to oatmeal. It’s bland on its own. If you buy a pure oatmeal bar, you might fall asleep next to the faucet with how nothing-burger it smells.

So… don’t buy oatmeal soaps with no added ingredients. One power combo that I love to recommend is oatmeal plus all the benefits of a good almond soap. Together, they create a decent, not-too-far-from-manly scent.

Oatmeal Soap Protects Sensitive Skin

Do you have skin issues? I mean terrible, unpredictable, painful skin issues? Let’s get you a bar of oatmeal soap.

Oatmeal should almost be considered medicinal with how quick soapmakers are to recommend it for uniquely sensitive skin. Beyond just cleansing and soothing, it actually leaves a nice little barrier of moisture on your skin, so you’ll be protected for a while after you get out of the shower.

It’s like that sweater that grandma knit you. Sure, it’s not exactly a hot look, but you can bet your a** it’s going to be functional and keep you warm. Oatmeal soap is the same way; not a sexy smell, but sexy long-lasting skin protection. Just pair it with a sweet cologne.

Is Oatmeal Soap Good For Itching?

Oatmeal soap isn’t a cure for itchy skin, it’s the cure for itchy skin.

Seriously, any half decent soapmaker will immediately direct you toward oatmeal if you’re dealing with bug bites, inflammation, or rashes. (Pro tip: if you have a pregnant woman in your life, and she’s suffering from irritated, itchy skin, pick up a bar of oatmeal soap for her. That’s how you get on the A-list.)

So if you’ve made the mistake of rolling down a hill of grass lately, or you’re finding mystery allergen bumps across your stomach, oatmeal soap is the answer.

It’s the most effective soothing soap out there. You just won’t find a bar that can compete.

Does Oatmeal Lighten Skin?

Oatmeal soap has amino acids that will fade dark spots and even out your complexion, but it isn’t necessarily known for being a go-to skin lightening soap.

It’s best known for its gentle care on sensitive skin and hyper moisturizing properties. I’d only call it a lightening soap by technicality, since it’ll cleanse and tone to the point that your skin might seem lighter. But, really, any great soap should already be doing that.

In fact, as a general rule, stay away from soaps that advertise themselves as skin lighteners. They contain harsh bleach elements that will do long-term damage to your health, not just your skin.

Instead, choose a natural soap (maybe even oatmeal soap!) to keep your complexion clear and your skin vibrant.

Is Oatmeal Soap Good For Hair?

If you have scalp issues, absolutely. Pick up a bar of oatmeal soap. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend Oatmeal shampoo soap over other alternatives. 

You’ll probably enjoy the benefits of a lemongrass shampoo bar a bit more, or even the rich lather and smell of a beer soap for your hair.

Actually, there’s one person who might adore your oatmeal shampoo soap—your dog!

Dogs reap all the same benefits that humans do from oatmeal soap. And, since most of your pupper is probably covered in fur, you might not realize what kind of skin issues Rufus has going on underneath his coat.

Oatmeal shampoo soap is one easy way to help your doggo smell clean and stay moisturized. And fortunately, he won’t mind the un-sexy smell.

Can You Use Oatmeal Soap On Your Face?

Oh yes. Oooohhh yessss. Use oatmeal soap on your face like there’s no tomorrow.

We talked about how oatmeal soap is amazing against sensitive skin. Well, the skin on your face is pretty damn sensitive, wouldn’t you agree? (I learned this the hard way when I tried to rinse with dish soap once, out of mid-week no-new-groceries desperation. Let’s just say I couldn’t open my eyes fully for a few days afterwards…)

You have to be really careful what kind of soaps you’re putting on your face if you don’t want a mystery breakout or rash. As long as you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients in an oatmeal bar, then oatmeal is a wonderful choice for a facial soap.

And, to be frank, I prefer to recommend oatmeal soap as a facial bar rather than a body bar. You can find other, sexier smelling soaps to wash your body with, but you won’t find something as good for your face as oatmeal soap. The benefits outweigh the grandma smell.

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