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Benefits Of Coffee Soap For Men

Crazy coffee fanatics are slipping their drink into everything these days—gum, cologne, candy, deserts that were good before they were coffee flavored, and now soap. Is it just a fad, or are there any worthwhile benefits of coffee soap?

Benefits Of Coffee Soap

Coffee Soap Is A Top-Notch Pre-Shave Exfoliant

Logically, you’ve probably already guessed that coffee soap is a decent exfoliant. The slightly grainy texture helps loosen dead skin without feeling harsh or irritating.

That makes it a great soap to use on your face before you shave.

If you haven’t been exfoliating before you shave…you’re probably nicking yourself more than necessary. Scrubbing the soap lather into the skin underneath your beard (or wherever else you’re dehairing) preps your skin for the razor by washing away small debris that the blade might catch on.

Using coffee soap as a pre-shave will also help your razor last longer since it won’t have to navigate a layer of shave-able dead skin. Having a clean, exfoliated surface that your blade can glide across easily will keep it from dulling.

It will also help with fading, but not removing, stretch marks.

Coffee Soap Reduces Under-Eye Bags

You’re probably trying to hide how tired you look by drinking coffee, but really you should be washing your face with it.

Coffee soap dilates the blood vessels under your skin. Those expanded blood vessels keep your skin taut—hence, coffee soap can “fix” up those under-eye bags so it looks like you tightened the skin under your eyes.

Life hack: if your girlfriend cries while watching her favorite rom-com with you, you can offer her a bit of coffee facial soap to help alleviate that uncomfortable puffy-eye, after-cry sensation. Or, y’know, if you’re the one who sheds a few tears, no judgement here. Coffee soap can help you out too.

Coffee Soap Hides Your Age

Let’s face it. You’re reading an article about soap right now. You’re getting older. And that means your skin is getting a little looser than it used to be.

The caffeine in a bar of coffee soap is shockingly good at tightening up those wrinkly and fatty areas along your body. Seriously—a study in Montreal found that 81% of the subjects using a caffeine-based topical cosmetic saw cellulite reduction over the course of 12 weeks.

To be fair, caffeine wasn’t the only ingredient in the product that study participants were using. But fighting cellulite often takes a few key natural additives. If you’re looking for a tough-on-wrinkles bathroom product to help you fight the side effects of aging, try out the benefits of almond soap with coffee mixed in.

Natural Coffee Soap Has A Mild Scent

So maybe you don’t really want to smell like coffee. I feel that. I’m not all that partial to the scent myself (though I know I’m going against the grain on that).

I’ll let you in on a secret: if your soap really smells like coffee, it’s probably an artificial fragrance.

More often than not, the coffee scent doesn’t completely survive the soapmaking process. It’s the same problem that beer soapmakers run into. (On a side note, not only is it a fun novelty soap, but beer soap has tons of acne-fighting benefits.)

So, if you opt for a natural bar of coffee soap, you shouldn’t smell overwhelmingly of coffee. It might be mild, or not even detectable. I recommend going that route. A nice soft scent is always a fabulous choice.

If you’re wondering why soapmakers even bother adding coffee if the smell doesn’t turn out, I’d counter with this: it speaks to the non-scent-related benefits of coffee soap.

The same can be said when it comes to the benefits of goat milk soap… mildy scent, great non-scent related benefits.

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