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How To Tighten Skin Under Eyes Naturally For Men

Baggy eyes don’t just make you look tired – they can make you feel tired. There’s no foolproof solution for how to tighten skin under eyes, but you can try at-home remedies or treatments from your dermatologist to alleviate saggy skin.

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What Causes Saggy Skin Under Eyes?

Baggy eyes are a natural part of aging, just like wrinkles and well-done steaks.

The key chemical that gives your skin that youthful, full appearance is your collagen. Your collagen levels will fluctuate throughout your life, but generally, as you get older, you have less collagen to give your skin elasticity. 

Lower collagen levels can also be a symptom of smoking, stress, too much sun exposure, inflammation, and genetics. So if you’re not quite old enough to think of yourself as “aging,” but you have baggy eyes and wrinkles, it may be linked to one of these causes.

For the most part, saggy eyes are harmless. You don’t need to see a doctor to “fix” them.

Can You Reverse Under-Eye Wrinkles Naturally?

Natural at-home products and methods won’t fully reverse your under-eye wrinkles, but daily treatments can reduce the prominence of bags and wrinkles. Truly getting rid of baggy eyes usually requires a prescribed treatment from your dermatologist.

Your doctor might recommend chemical peels, fillers, botox, microdermabrasion, or a surgery. The upfront cost will be more significant, but the end result is likely to be more effective.

I’m more of a proponent for small daily steps that will lift your under-eye wrinkles. Adding a few extra steps to your skincare routine can naturally help with bags.

How To Tighten Skin Under Eyes Naturally

There’s plenty you can do at home to help with baggy eyes, without calling your doctor. Just understand that home remedies are temporary, and you’ll need to incorporate them into your daily or weekly skincare routine to continue to fight wrinkles and under-eye bags.

Massage Your Eyes

Sometimes under-eye bags just need a pick-me-up to fade. And who doesn’t love a massage? This technique works especially well if your bags look swollen or inflamed. Rubbing the skin gently can help restore some healthy blood flow. Don’t just massage your eyes – massage the skin all around your face.

You can even use an invigorating soap, like coffee soap, to restore circulation around eye wrinkles.

Exfoliate Regularly

Just like a massage, regular exfoliation helps invigorate the skin. Use a facial scrub 2-3 times per week to scour away dead skin and get the blood flowing.

Try one of the best body scrubs for men, or even use a washcloth daily to exfoliate your skin. 

Use A Cold Moisturizer

Lots of skin care gurus like to say that a regular shock to the system is a good way to feel young. Cold temperatures constrict your blood vessels, helping with the swollen appearance of under eye bags.

Put your daily moisturizer in the fridge for a two-for-one. The cold will help with bags and wrinkles, and your lotion or oil will still do it’s moisturizing job, keeping your skin supple. Try one of our favorite lotions for men.

Try An At-Home Treatment

Egg whites, caffeinated tea bags, cucumber slices – even if they don’t fully clear up your under-eye bags, they can make inflamed, swollen, or wrinkled skin feel significantly better, and that counts for a lot.

To use the egg whites, beat them until they get stiff, then combine it with a little lemon juice, and apply it like a face mask. Rinse when you’re done. As for the tea bags and cucumber slices, just drape them over your eyes (like you see in the movies).

How Can I Cover Up Bags Under My Eyes?

Aside from wearing sunglasses indoors, there’s one under-eye bag covering technique that most guys don’t know about: use a concealer and an eye cream. You’ll find both products down the women’s makeup aisle.

I know what you’re thinking – what’s next? Will you tell me I should shave off my eyebrows and paint them on?

Lots of makeup products are made to look natural against your skin. You might need some pointers from an employee when you first choose an eye cream and a concealer, but once you have the right one for your skin tone and know how to apply it, it will make those under-eye bags disappear, without actually giving you an “I’m wearing a sh*t ton of makeup” look.

If you’re not willing to use makeup, then try a daily at-home remedy, or talk to your dermatologist about permanent solutions for getting rid of under-eye bags.

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