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5 Best Body Lotion For Men In 2023

Even if you don’t suffer from dry skin, investing in the best body lotion for men is a great idea to keep your skin in peak condition. Plus, you never know when you might need a little moisturizing boost.

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Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion (Our Top Pick)

I tend to think of Jack Black as the people’s choice products. They consistently earn the highest proportion of 5-star reviews on Amazon, and their cool moisture body lotion is no exception. If there’s anyone who deserves to be on the “best body lotion for men” list, it’s Jack Black.

Plus, this bottle is a beast. If it’s not obvious, 30 ounces is a lot of lotion. Really, it only takes a thin layer to properly cover your skin, so most guys will be set for at least six months, if not a year.

The scent is pretty subtle. It smells like a generic men’s product, which is good if you’re looking to pair it with other scented products. It’s also a thinner lotion, so if you just need average to minimal coverage and moisture, it’s perfect.

We recommend it for all your body lotion needs, including for getting rid of ashy skin. In fact, we ranked it was the best lotion for black men. Plus, we also ranked Jack Black’s double duty face moisturizer as one of the best moisturizers for black skinned men.


• Highest rated men’s lotion on Amazon. Can’t go wrong if you’re looking for majority consensus.

• The lotion texture is subtle. Not too thick, applies easily, and dries quickly. Great if you’re on the go and don’t want to sit around letting your lotion absorb.

• The bottle has an incredibly long lifespan, great value for your purchase.


• It’s straddling the line between scented and unscented in a weird way. Pick one!

• If you need a heavy moisturizer for a dry skin condition, this just won’t do the job.

Brickell Men’s Deep Moisture Body Lotion 

There’s no going wrong if you choose a Brickell Men’s product for your skin. Their Deep Moisture body lotion is gentle enough to use on your face, but effective enough to treat extreme dry skin.

I’m a particular fan of the texture. They went down the thick and creamy route, which not just any company can pull off. So many brands do it wrong, racking up complaints about grease and residue. But not Brickell Men’s; the lotion is pleasant to apply, and it absorbs nicely into the skin. Plus, it smells so good, we even picked it as one of the best smelling body lotion for men.

A little also goes a long way with how dense it is. Deep Moisture really is a good name for this body lotion. 


• Contains all-natural, skin repairing ingredients. Great if your dry skin is starting to cause worse skin damage.

• Brickell Men’s provides a masterclass in great lotion texture.

• It has a planty scent, which adds to the relaxation as you’re applying.


• If you’re simply not a fan of creamy products, no matter how well done they are, then this won’t be the bottle for you.

• I always say this about Brickell Men’s, and I’ll say it again: it’s a great value product, but the average guy just can’t afford to (and doesn’t want to) shell out that much for lotion.

Marlowe Extra Moisturizing Body Lotion

What I really like about Marlowe is that it’s the lotion you don’t have to think about too much after you’ve applied it. The ingredients are gentle, the lotion absorbs quickly, and it feels like it belongs on your skin. 

Though it advertises a cucumber scent, once you’ve applied it, the smell disappears, along with any flaky or itchy skin you were suffering from. 

I hate to call it generic, because that’s not quite the right word. It’s an above average lotion that goes on invisibly. It really fits the lifestyle of a guy who wants nice skin without having to think too hard about scents, textures, skin types, and more. Marlowe’s Extra Moisturizing body lotion is nearly one-size-fits-all.


• It absorbs thoroughly, so you don’t have to worry about greasiness or any unpleasant textures.

• Your skin will feel so perfectly not-dry but not-oily that you won’t even remember you applied lotion.

• Marlowe has created a lotion that fits the needs of the majority of guys. Soft skin, no scent, easy to use.

• It’s very affordable and reasonably priced.


• If you’re looking for a heavy-duty lotion or a luxury product, this won’t do the job.

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Body Lotion

I’d recommend La Roche-Posay strongly to those of you who suffer from excessively dry skin or even conditions like eczema and psoriasis. If you’ve been skimming this article for a Moisturizer with a capital ‘M,’ stop here.

It takes a while to absorb, so you’ll have to be patient. But that’s all part of the process for getting the full, soft-skin benefits of La Roche-Posay. It’s gentle on itchy redness, but adamant about getting you moisturized. I’d almost be willing to call it medicinal with just how strong it is.

This is definitely not the bottle for my oily skinned guys. It is most definitely the bottle for my parched skin guys (this is the biggest reason why it’s on this list of “best body lotion for men”.)


• Works miracles for sensitive dry skin, and starts working almost instantly.

• It’s super easy to apply. Spreads evenly without too much effort, and has a nice cooling effect.


• Too greasy for guys with average or oily skin.

Outlaw Soaps Blazing Saddles Body Lotion

Blazing Saddles really lives up to its bold name, in scent, not sensation (luckily). Outlaw promises a lotion that smells like a wood burning stove, and boy oh boy do they deliver. If you don’t believe me, just read the raving reviewers who are all reliving their childhood kitchen memories.

Besides the stand-out smell, Outlaw has also created a lotion with an awesome texture. It’s creamy and goes on thick, but doesn’t take too long to dry. It’s not necessarily designed for sensitive skin, but I would certainly call it skin-friendly.

But again, let me emphasize, the smell is the real attraction here. The moisturization is average to slightly above average. Be prepared to smell MANLY.


• Outlaw’s fragrance engineers are working magic on this lotion. Perfect wood burning stove scent.

• Good at providing all-day protection. You won’t need to reapply.

• But seriously, you can replace your cologne with this stuff.


• The scent might be overwhelming for plenty of guys.

• The lotion itself is pretty average.

What Should Be In Body Lotion For Men?

One ingredient that almost all lotions have in common is glycerin – that’s the actual moisturizing component of lotion. When I’m reading ingredient labels, I like to make sure it’s near the top of the list so that I know what I’m buying is going to be moisturizing enough.

You can also look for peptides to help you produce skin-soothing collagen, oils for a slick and smooth texture, butters for a creamy texture, cetyl alcohol for a protective barrier, and more. 

Really, it’s easier to spot the things you probably don’t want in a body lotion. “Fragrances” are artificial scents (not good for sensitive skin), parabens are being studied for hormone disruption, and triethanolamine can cause skin irritation long-term.

One safer bet is going all-natural with your lotion. Natural ingredients can still cause allergic reactions, but they’re much less likely to irritate your skin or lead to long-term skin damage. In fact, many are much more gentle. Lots of guys with sensitive skin enjoy how light and effective natural lotions are.

How And When Should I Apply Body Lotion?

When your skin is feeling flaky or tight, after a shower, or after shaving are all great times to apply a lotion. My go-to is after the shower because the lotion scents absorb nicely, and it gives you that soft, protective skin barrier.

The disadvantage to only applying lotion whenever your skin feels dry is that it won’t work as effectively. Maybe you’ve seen this happen before, where your skin just refuses to absorb the lotion, so it sits on top of your flakes and cracks without actually doing anything. It could be in part because you’re applying too much, but it’s also due to the fact that your dried and cracked skin cells are no longer willing to absorb moisture – they simply can’t.

That’s why it’s best to apply lotion after a shower. Your soap cleans you off, but it also washes away your natural oils, which form a nice outer-layer on your skin, keeping it from getting irritated. You can restore that barrier with a lotion, and your skin will readily absorb it.

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