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5 Best Vacuum Beard Trimmer For Men In 2023 (Reviewed & Ranked)

Trimmed beard hair is a little like Charlie Sheen – it gets around way too much and it makes things messy. But once you make the switch to the best vacuum beard trimmer, the post-shave mess will no longer be an issue.  

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Remington HKVAC2000A (Our Top Pick)

This solid razor from Remington is a crowd-pleaser. It’s a shockingly versatile machine that works for just about any situation, which is why it’s on this list of best vacuum beard trimmer for men. You can use it to shave, trim, detail, and cut your hair, and not worry about making a mess of your bathroom counter.  

The suction on this beard trimmer is very powerful, and the construction as a whole feels sturdy and durable. It only works when plugged in, which isn’t always convenient, but this means that the motor is highly reliable as a result. 

Remington is quite generous, and this trimmer comes in an 18-piece set with a lot of add-ons. Combs, hair clips, blade oil, and even hair cutting scissors… If you’re a hoarder, this will make you happy. These add-ons are very useful if you plan to cut hair or maintain a large beard. 

The actual vacuum compartment holds quite a bit of hair – it’s large enough to evade mess if you’re going from short to buzzed or if you’re just tightening up your beard. That said, don’t expect it to hold up if you decide to pay homage to Britney with a major cut.


  • Versatile trimmer that offers a wide range of trimming and cutting options. 
  • Powerful suction does an excellent job of keeping bathroom counters clean.
  • Sturdy and durable design, so you won’t need to replace it anytime soon.
  • Comes with many add-ons for even more hair cutting and trimmer maintenance options. 
  • The large vacuum compartment holds a fair bit of hair. 


  • Less portable since it can only be used plugged in. 
  • Vacuum compartment not large enough for cutting very long hair.  

Remington Hc6550

This premium vacuum trimmer from Remington is a cordless alternative to my top choice. Just like the HKVAC2000A, it’s versatile, comes with a ton of extra accessories, and has an impressive vacuum that sucks up all of those errant hairs. 

The major difference is size and purpose. The Hc6550 is a larger machine, and its primary purpose is to cut hair rather than beards. It can still help you groom your beard, especially if you’re making the switch from a Gandalf beard to something small and more manageable. If you’re just after a tool that’ll help you shave down your stubble, this won’t be suitable. 

Because it’s cordless it’s a lot more versatile and portable, and I find that it’s not any less powerful than the HKVAC2000A. A full charge lasts for an hour, but you can also use it while it’s plugged in, which is useful if you’re the kind of guy who’d forget to charge his trimmer right before a job interview or first date. 


  • Cordless use makes it very portable. 
  • Large enough to cut hair and groom large beards. 
  • Versatile hair cutting options thanks to a lot of add-ons. 
  • Powerful vacuum for mess-free counters. 
  • Can be used when plugged in, for the forgetful types. 


  • Too large and unwieldy for shaving down shorter stubble. 

Philips Norelco Series 7200

If you’re looking for the best vacuum beard trimmer, but with a smaller trimmer that’s geared towards facial hair grooming over haircuts, this is the best beard vacuum to try. The Norelco 7200 is a little more comfortable and convenient for shaving than my top two picks from Remington, although it’s not as versatile. 

This light, portable machine is ideal for your regular shave or for keeping a shorter beard looking clean. It has 20 built-in length settings, from 0.5 mm to 10 mm, that you adjust with a dial – it’s much better than having to switch out combs mid-shave. There are also 3 combs for when you want to shape your beard, and a precision head for when you want to get creative with your outline. 

The suction level on this trimmer is quite decent, although the vacuum compartment isn’t very big and you may need to empty it out regularly. For a shorter growth, it’s more than enough. 

For the forgetful types, you’ll be happy to know it works when plugged in. A full charge lasts for 80 minutes, though, so you’re less likely to accidentally run out of juice.

The one issue I have with the Norelco 7200 is the actual build. The plastic components don’t feel as durable as the ones on the offerings from Remington, so you’ll need to handle them with a little more care to avoid breakage. 


  • Small size makes for a comfortable shaver. 
  • Lightweight and cordless for increased portablity. 
  • Built-in dial makes it easier to adjust cutting length. 
  • Works when plugged in, in case you forget to charge it. 
  • Long-lasting charge means you are less likely to run out of juice when outlets are unavailable. 


  • Not very versatile beyond ability to shave or maintain shorter beards
  • Small vacuum compartment requires regular emptying. 
  • Slightly less durable than Remington trimmers. 

Philips Norelco BeardTrimer 7300

This next-level beard trimmer is a more premium alternative to the Norelco 7200, with a price to match. The specs are a little better, and the price reflects that. I recommend picking it up if you have a very coarse beard, if you’re always experimenting with your facial hair, or if you just like a very fast shave. 

The blades on this trimmer are constructed of self-sharpening stainless steel that doesn’t need any maintenance or blade oil and stays sharp even with regular use over coarse hair. You can adjust the length of this trimmer just as easily as with the 7200, although it doesn’t come with added combs, so you may need to purchase those separately. 

This trimmer reaches max charge a lot more quickly than any of the other trimmers on this list and lasts for longer, which is awesome if you don’t like leaving shavers plugged in overnight. It also has a turbo setting, that powers up both the suction and cutting speed, which is incredible if you have a stubborn or coarse beard. 


  • Designed specifically for grooming facial hair in many different ways.  
  • Sharp, quality blades make it an excellent choice for cutting coarse beards. 
  • Self-sharpening blades require very little maintenance. 
  • Easy to adjust dials so you can change the length mid-shave. 
  • Quick to achieve a full charge is great for anyone who forgets to plug it in overnight. 
  • Turbo setting amps up the power when you need to cut stubborn areas. 


  • If you want to groom a longer beard, you’ll need to buy combs separately. 
  • Fairly expensive. 

Remington MB6850

This is the best vacuum beard trimmer for anyone keeping it simple and who’s not interested in being inundated with unneeded accessories. It’s ideal for grooming beards or for creating that sexy “always has a 5 o’clock shadow” look. There’s also a precision trimmer, but it’s definitely better for edging than for getting a smooth shave.  

It comes fitted with a non-removable, adjustable comb that goes from 2 to 18 mm. The change itself is incredibly easy, especially when compared to the more heavy-duty Remington trimmers. It’s rechargeable with a very long-lasting battery, but you can also use it when plugged in, so overall, it’s quite convenient. 

The suction on this razor isn’t quite as effective as others on this list. It still sucks up a good percentage of hair, but don’t expect the pristine sink that the other models leave behind. On top of that, opening the vacuum compartment to clean it out is a bit of a hassle, since it doesn’t release as easily as some of the other models.  


  • This simple, non-fussy trimmer is excellent for light grooming and stubble shaving. 
  • Adjusting lengths requires minimal effort. 
  • No unneeded accessories makes it an excellent option for minimalists.
  • Lightweight and cordless, so it’s very portable and convenient. 


  • Not the strongest suction, so it may leave some hair on your counters.
  • Difficult-to-open vacuum compartment makes it a little harder to clean.

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