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5 Best Soap For Body Odor In 2023

Whether you’re the type of guy to casually commit the cardinal sins of scent, or if you just need a soap that can fight that end-of-workday stress sweat, let’s get your “natural musk” situation back on track with the best soaps for body odor.

It really doesn’t take much to identify a good smelling soap – just a functional nose and some common sense. But, because we know you need a soap that goes further than that, we’ve compared our top favorite soaps across the board for scent longevity, appeal, and B.O. – reduction capabilities. These are the bars that 

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Art Of Sport Charcoal Soap (Our Top Pick)

When it comes to an all-day scent that’s going to ward off even the worst of sweat, gunk, and grime, Art of Sport always hits high marks in my book. The real appeal of their brand is that they test all of their products on pro-athletes and have a textbook full of endorsements from men and women on the field and in the water.

This particular bar is fresh but neutral, which is a great place to start if you want to be sure that your soap is actually getting rid of body odor, rather than just making a weak attempt at covering it up. The added charcoal will also do a fantastic job of dissolving excess oil from your skin, often the source of questionable scents and that “unclean” skin feeling.

The downside here is that I wouldn’t recommend a charcoal soap for my dry and sensitive skin friends. It’ll leave you feeling chapped after a few uses. Otherwise, it’s definitely my winner when it comes to the best bar soap for body odor.


• Art of Sport is my favorite big-name brand for long lasting soap scents.

• If this bar can withstand a pro-athlete’s smelly pits, it can definitely ward off your B.O.

• It’s a clean but neutral smell, so you can pair it with any cologne or deodorant.


• Charcoal is a hard ingredient to work with, and charcoal soap is definitely not for every skin type. Sensitive skin friends beware.

• The scent isn’t particularly unique or exciting. Have to buy a second product to get a noticeable scent going.

Duke Cannon Great American Frontier Pack

Duke Cannon is another brand that takes soap testing to the next level. They have active duty U.S. soldiers review their soaps and scents to constantly improve their products. So, y’know, if this “Great American Frontier Pack” can withstand basic training, it’ll surely withstand your body odor situation (right?).

This set comes with “campfire,” “leaf and leather,” and “fresh cut pine.” Each can hold its own in the scent department, so not only will you smell clean, you’ll smell downright manly. 

My one complaint is that they almost go overboard with the “manly” scents. I like a pack that throws a surprising, never-tried-that-before scent into the mix. This pack is very…predictable. But in that regard, it’s also reliable. If “just fought a bear in the woods, smell great” is your vibe, this is the surefire pack for you.


• Tested on active duty soldiers! It’s gotta help with that B.O. situation.

• This pack comes in a variety of scents, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

• When they say it’s “big ass soap,” they mean it. This bar is hefty, great value for the price.


• This is another one of those natural soaps that you have to treat well. Keep it dry, use a loofah, or it’ll disappear before your eyes.

• It’s easy to get tired of these particular scents, with how potent they are.

Baxter Of California Exfoliating Bar Soap For Men

I’m partial to Baxter in California because of how old and established they are as a men’s soap company. They’ve had skin in the game since 1965, and in soapmaking, experience matters (and it speaks loudly).

This exfoliating body bar has a woodsy scent, but not in a “just got back from camp” way. It’s more of a gentle woodshop, which is one of the reasons we also ranked it as one of the best smelling soaps for guys. Pair the scent with the exfoliating pieces, and BAM, you’ve got one heavy B.O. fighter right here. When cleansing away dirt and bacteria isn’t enough to get rid of questionable smells, sometimes all you need is a little extra exfoliation to help rub away dead skin.

The one thing you have to be cautious of with this bar is allergic reactions. A really good exfoliating soap can turn out to be a skin irritant for some users, so you’re going to want to test it first, before you rub your whole body down with the bar.


• Top-notch exfoliation here. Great texture, good for doubling down on dirt and grime.

• Surprisingly nice scent. Wood without woodsy.

• The lather feels ah-maze-ing. Especially with those exfoliating bits.


• Patch test it before you use it. Several Amazon reviewers reported rashes.

Dr. Squatch Alpine Sage 

This soap has one of my favorite secret ingredients: lavender. Lots of guys shy away from lavender, thinking it’s going to be too “feminine” for their tastes, but it’s actually the perfect way to give soap that pleasant outdoorsy scent, without creating an “I rubbed myself against a tree before I came here” smell.

Plus, it’s Dr. Squatch. They consistently get audience favorite points among their soap users, not only for their commitment to safe natural ingredients, but for how effortlessly they turn out classic “manly” scents. This alpine sage bar hits all the right earthy organic oils. You’ll have those “I took a hike before I came here, but it made me smell BETTER” vibes.

My one note here is that this is a high-quality, small, all-natural bar. It’s not going to last nearly as long as you want it to, so be gentle with it.


• “Outdoorsy” scent, but not overwhelmingly so. The lavender will do a great job of clearing up B.O.

• It has a soft lather that feels great against the skin.

• It’s Dr. Squatch! Can’t go wrong with this brand.


• It’s a cold process soap, which means a bar isn’t going to last very long. You’ve got to keep it out of water as much as possible, and treat it nicely.

• ”Outdoorsy” might not be the scent for everyone. Think about it before you buy.

Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar

This right here is the luxury soap of the list. Dead sea mud is a heavy cleanser, and Erno Laszlo specializes in products that really pamper your skin (the way it deserves to be pampered).

Sometimes all B.O. really needs is a little TLC, and that’s just what the sea mud deep cleansing bar is for. Not only will it reduce and cover odor, but it’ll also clear up skin breakouts, help with signs of aging, and leave you feeling like one slick motherf*cker.

My one complaint is the misleading marketing. “Sea mud” and “dead sea mud” are two very different things. I mean, technically the same ingredient components, but harvesting dead sea mud is more expensive, so Erno is marking up this product without using the actual luxury ingredient. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be a luxurious experience, I’m just peeved that they didn’t take the time to get actual dead sea mud.


• This is the bar that can replace a trip to the spa. It’ll feel really good.

• Sea mud is known for acne and odor reduction.

• Erno Laszlo always promises that rich-guy scent. You’ll smell like you have a full wallet.


• Luxury soap comes with luxury pricing. The value is there, but it might not be affordable for every soap user.

• “Sea mud” and “dead sea mud” technically yield the same skin benefits, but “dead sea mud” is richer. So the packaging is vaguely misleading.

Does Antibacterial Soap Stop Body Odor?

Let’s dispel a rumor right now: all soap is antibacterial. And it’s true that getting rid of bacteria can help with body odor.

Lots of the bacteria on your skin is healthy and normal, but you also pick up a lot of smelly microorganisms as you go about your day. Showering with soap helps cleanse your skin of those germs that would otherwise fester and concoct new, nose-pinching smells.

So really just rinsing with any soap daily, and patting yourself dry thoroughly afterwards, are both great ways to minimize B.O. 

For best results, make sure to buy soap based on your other needs. For example, you may want to grab one of these bar soaps for black men, which are antibacterial too.

Why Does My Armpit Smell Even After Showering?

You might not be drying yourself off well enough, or if worst comes to worst…you might need to shave.

Leaving armpit hair even a little bit damp can encourage bacterial growth. Those bacteria that like to hang out in your pits are partially responsible for your odor. That’s why it’s so important that you dry as much moisture as possible from your body.

If that’s not working for you, I recommend trimming or shaving the hair. Don’t be shy about it; lots of women (and men’s men) enjoy the clean shaven look, so you don’t have to be self conscious around your romantic interests. Plus, if it means you’re going to smell better, that’s going to win you big points.

Let me leave you with this disclaimer: if you’re switching up your soap (tip: if nothing is working, try one of these best smelling soaps for guys), showering daily, drying carefully, applying deodorant, and more…and that B.O. still won’t go away…it might be a symptom of a medical issue that you need to get checked out. 

You might agree that someone’s scent can tell you a lot about them, but it’s also true that your scent can tell you a lot about your own body. If you’re discovering new, unpleasant odors, it might be time for a quick checkup.

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