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How To Add Volume To Hair For Men Naturally

Lots of women know how to make their hair look thicker and sleeker, but for some reason, learning how to add volume to hair for men is a well-kept secret. Don’t keep yourself in the dark any longer.

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Why Does Men’s Hair Go Flat?

Plenty of guys get flat, thin-looking hair at the end of the day. There are several reasons for that.

Your hair is oily

If you’ve skipped out on washing your hair for a few days, all that built-up oil is probably flattening your hair. The natural oils that sit on your scalp weigh down your hair, making it look thinner.

You’re running your hands through your hair too much

Our hands are insanely greasy – especially if you work a greasy job. Just like the natural oil on your scalp, grease weighs down your hair, making it look flatter.

Your hair is thin

Some guys just don’t have a lot of hair. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it will make your hair look flatter if you don’t use hair products or a styling method to give it more lift.

You have hat hair

Some guys get crazy hat hair that sticks up all over the place, and some guys get hat hair that looks like it’s glued to their scalp. If your hair looks flat after wearing a hat, you’re probably in the second camp.

You’re sleeping on your hair

Your head is heavy! If you take showers at night and sleep on your hair, then try to style it in the morning, you’ve already flattened it. Try morning showers instead.

What Does Adding Volume Do To Your Hair?

Learning how to add volume to hair for men makes it look thicker and fuller.

The trick is to wash your hair regularly and use a styling method that adds lift to the roots of your hair. You’ll look more put-together and polished. It even makes some guys look younger.

But before we get into how to add volume to your hair, you should know that there are a few things volume won’t do for your hair:

• Adding volume won’t really hide your bald spots if you’re trying to look good balding. 

• Adding volume won’t necessarily stop your hair from losing volume again. You’ll have to change your morning styling routine to add volume every day.

• Adding volume won’t make your hair stay down nicely. It does the opposite.  

How To Add More Volume To Men’s Hair

There’s no single method for when learning how to add volume to hair for men. For best results, try a combination of the following:

Wash With Shampoo (Preferably In The Morning)

Your body loses a lot of moisture while you’re asleep – it’s one reason that a lot of us wake up with oilier hair. A morning shower with some shampoo will dissolve and wash away that oil, giving you a clean slate to start styling.

If you usually take your showers at night and sleep on your hair, that might be the reason you struggle with flat hair. Alongside the oil buildup that accumulates while you sleep, you’re probably flattening your hair against your pillow.

So shower in the morning instead, and use shampoo to wash away oils that could be flattening your hair.

Use A Hair Refreshing Spray

I know, night showers are so much more satisfying than morning showers. If you just can’t commit to waking up 30 minutes earlier, try a hair refreshing spray instead.

One of the most common and effective refreshing sprays is sea salt spray. You can use it to wet down your hair, style it like you normally would, then let it air dry or blow dry it. The salt dissolves oil in your hair, giving your roots more lift and volume.

Use Volumizing Hair Products – But Not Too Much

Hair products like pomade, mousse, and gel can help add shine and volume to your hair, but only if you use the right amount.

Pomade is an especially big offender. Guys like how shiny and classic it looks, and it makes the perfect pompadour hairstyle. But it’s also a greasy product, so if you heap it on, your hair will be sagging and flat by the end of the day.

I recommend mousse for beginners – you can add a ton of mousse to your hair and you’ll still get volume. Only use pomade if you have self control and know how to be sparing with your product. Gel is a good in-between.

Learn How To Use A Blow Dryer

For real volume with gel or mousse, you’ll want to apply it to wet hair and use a blow dryer to lift your hair.

With a brush, comb upward as you dry on a low heat setting (to avoid damaging your hair). When your hair is dry, it’ll settle a bit, but the upward combing will help it look lifted and full at the roots.

Tease Your Hair

This isn’t a strategy that I recommend for everyone, but teasing your hair is a fast way to add LOTS of volume. It’s 50/50 whether the final results will look professional and cool or caveman-ish.

To tease your hair, take a fine-toothed comb and comb your hair backwards from tip to root. This will create tangles and texture that make your hair stick out, adding volume and poof.

For Longer Hair: Try Curling It

Curly hair suffers from flatness once in a while, but it’s also a cure to flatness.

 If your hair is six inches or longer, you can use a curling iron to add waves that give you more volume. Or, if you don’t want to use heat, try twisting your hair into little buns secured with an elastic hair tie, sleep in the updo overnight, and untwist them in the morning for crazy curls.

Does Conditioner Add Volume To Men’s Hair?

Conditioner is a hair moisturizer – most hair moisturizers actually remove volume from your hair.

That doesn’t mean you should stop moisturizing your hair. Keeping your scalp hydrated is how you avoid irritation and dandruff, and it helps your hair look shinier. 

I’ll admit…sometimes when I’m desperate for more volume, I’ll skip out on conditioner. But it’s not a practice I recommend for long-term hair care. Keep washing with conditioner, and use the methods we talked about to add volume, especially if you’re just learning how to add volume to hair for men. Most guys have the most success adding volume by shampooing frequently, using hair products, and learning how to blow dry their hair.

You’ll have thick-looking hair in no time.

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