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5 Best Lavender Soap For Men In 2023

Don’t write it off just because “flowery soaps are for girls.” If you buy one of the best lavender soap for men, you’re sure to get a clean, outdoorsy smell that’ll leave you feeling fresh.

At least, that’s what I figured out while trying out some of the most highly praised lavender soaps online. As an avid bathroom product tester who’s always looking for the latest and greatest in scents and textures, I was pleasantly surprised by what lavender soap varieties had to offer. Based on personal experimentation, I can confidently say, whether you’re looking for a distinct smell, unique ingredient combination, or just something old and reliable, there’s a soap in the lavender department for you.

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Pre De Provence Soap (Our Top Pick)

After some careful deliberation (and lots of sniff-testing), I’d have to give the best scent award to Pre De Provence’s lavender soap – that’s really what pushes it to the top of the list for me.

Lavender is one of those ingredients that’s really easy to f*ck up. Too mild and you might as well have bought an unscented bar of soap, too pungent and you’ll be deemed the flowery garden creature of the office. Pre De Provence manages to get that balance just right, resulting in something clean, fresh, and pleasantly outdoorsy.

Best of all, I’d say it even manages to achieve a scent that any guy can feel confident wearing.

The bar also gets bonus points in my book as a great exfoliator and moisturizer. It did a surprisingly good job of washing away dead skin on my arms and legs, despite having to navigate the hair. 

The one downfall? It’s not going to be great for sensitive skin.


• Amazing lather. Lives up to it’s French Milled name.

• You won’t have to buy another bar for months.

• It moisturizes, it exfoliates, it cleans – what doesn’t it do?


• Pre De Provence has declined in quality over time…it’s still good soap, just not what it used to be. (Sighs wistfully while reminiscing on the good old days.)

• Sensitive skin people beware. The exfoliating pieces might be too rough.

• It’s not all-natural. The ingredient list contains “fragrances.” 

Crate 61 Lavender Soap

Crate 61 gets automatic bonus points for nothing artificial in this bar. It has a great lather, smells subtle but authentic, and the texture is so relaxing.

This is the lavender soap you need if you have sensitive skin. None of the ingredients are artificial, so as long as you’re not allergic to anything in the bar, the chances of breaking out in a mystery rash are low.

I was slightly disappointed that the smell wasn’t more prominent. It’s not a lasts-all-day kind of scent, but if you’re really hesitant about the lavender soap sales pitch, this is a great bar to start out with. It’ll allow you to experiment with a milder lavender scent before you go heavy-handed with the outdoor, garden vibes.

One big drawback that you’ll notice is how quickly the bar uses itself up. I was actually a bit peeved by how much unused product went down the drain. A sad side-effect of it being an all-natural bar: it’ll dissolve rapidly.


• It’s ACTUALLY all-natural. A win for soap users everywhere!

• The scent is nicely subtle.

• It gets the sensitive skin stamp of approval


• Say your goodbyes, because the bar won’t last.

• I’m still a little bit sad that the scent wasn’t more prominent, even though subtle is nice sometimes.

Yardley London English Lavender

If I had just one word to describe Yardley London’s lavender bar, it’d be reliable. As a brand, Yardley London has definitely worked up a reputation for creating uncomplicated bars that turn out just-right every time.

It’s soft, lathers nicely, has a mild smell, and felt fine against the skin. I almost want to complain about what a standardly nice soap experience it was. If you’re currently using store-bought soap, this will be a huge step up for you. If you’re more of a natural soap connoisseur, you might find it almost bland.

As an odd side note, if you’re looking for unconventional things to do with soap, this is the bar for you – according to some strange Amazon reviewers. Stick it in your sock drawer if you need to freshen things up in there. Put a bar between your sheets to cure restless leg syndrome.


• You’re buying a safe bet here. It’s pretty standard as far as soap bars go.

• The smell is balanced well. I’d even deem it aromatherapeutic. Good enough to give you a relaxing shower experience.

• It’s versatile, if you trust the oddball Amazon reviewers who are sticking it in their beds and dresser drawers for its scent.


• It’s just so…normal. Nobody is going to praise you in the exciting soap department.

• It’s not all-natural.

• Some might find the lavender scent too strong. I appreciated that the lavender actually came through, but it’s definitely not a “manly” soap.

Southern Natural Goat Milk & Lavender

Southern Natural really lived up to its name as a gentle-on-skin soap company with this bar.

True to its branding, this bar is the real sensitive skin MVP of lavender soap. Each wash left me feeling moisturized and supple. It’ll be a great way to supplement any eczema or psoriasis treatments you’re using, for my dry skin condition friends.

And, I was surprised at just how well the goat’s milk and lavender paired. They managed to dodge a  “farm” scent, instead reaching for a soft, clean impression.

The catch is that I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with oily or “normal” skin. If you’re not used to a hyper-moisturizing bar, you probably won’t enjoy the texture – you might think it’s too “slimy.” For oily skin, we recommend checking out or list of best charcoal bar soap for men.


• Amazing for sensitive skin and dryness

• Southern Natural does a good job balancing the scent

• I trust it as a facial soap – high praise.


• You have a slightly higher chance of buying an unlucky batch. Goat’s milk is a difficult ingredient to “turn out.”

• Not great for oily skin.

One With Nature Dead Sea Salt Lavender

Dead Sea Salt and Lavender are a brave combo, for which One With Nature deserves high marks.

This is a bit of a wild card bar – it’ll be a bit of a surprise to see how the scent turned out in the bar you receive, and there’s an equal chance that you’ll love or hate how the salt feels against your skin.

That’s what makes this a difficult soap to review. I can’t say for certain whether you’ll get the same scent combo in each purchase. Dead sea salt and lavender really do cross swords when combined into one soap, and it’s a tossup as to who’s going to win in each batch.

Additionally, salt is one of those ingredients that individual skin types have wildly different reactions to. As long as you don’t break out in an allergic reaction, you’ll love the way it moisturizes your skin and fights wrinkles.

If you’re looking for an exciting soap gamble, dead sea and lavender is a great purchase.


• If you know you’ve got the right skin type for a salt soap, you’ll love how dead sea salt and lavender interact.

• Even though the smell is unpredictable when they’re mixed together, both lavender and salt make for a pleasant scent.


• The ingredients react together in unpredictable ways. You might love one bar and hate another if you purchase from two different batches, even if they underwent the exact same soapmaking process.

• Dead sea salt is also a gamble, just in general.

What Is Lavender Soap Good For?

Lavender soap is great for a clean, almost outdoorsy scent. More often than not, you’ll find that even if the bar seems too flowery, the suds will rinse nicely and leave you smelling more “fresh” than “flowery.” If you’re not into that though, then check out this list of best smelling soap for guys.

Lavender also pairs really well with other soap ingredients. From our list, I really appreciate how Pre De Provence, Southern Natural, and One With Nature weren’t afraid to let it mingle with other scents and textures.

Can I Use Lavender Soap On My Face?

The only two soaps on this list that I trust against my face are Crate 61 and Southern Natural. I won’t be bringing any of the other soaps anywhere near my face for one reason: fragrance.

“Fragrance” is a fun word that manufacturers get to use when they don’t want to tell you the exact combination of artificial scents they added to their bars. Whenever a soap lists “fragrance” in its ingredient menu, it’s automatically no longer a facial soap in my book.

That doesn’t make the other soaps bad – in fact, Pre De Provence, Yardley London, and One With Nature all smell great and feel good. I just don’t mess around when it comes to facial soaps and “fragrance.”

So…yes, you can use lavender soap on your face, with caution. If you’re looking at your own local lavender soap options that didn’t make my list, just be sure to read the ingredient menu, and pick one that avoids “fragrances.”

As an alternative, some of the best shea butter soaps can be used on your face.

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