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5 Best Electric Razors For Elderly Men In 2023

Elderly men deserve some love, but to get that they might need a clean shave first. Here are the best electric razors for elderly men shaving themselves or being shaved by others. 

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Andis 17150 Shaver (Our Top Pick)

In the top spot, here’s a shaver that gives a close shave and a big dose of nostalgia. It’s a rechargeable double-foil shaver designed to give a simple, clean shave. Despite the appearance, it’s a newer release and it boasts some cool features. 

It’s a powerful shaver that gets close to the skin, and is designed to cut down stubble rather than long growth. It’s better for guys who want to always look dapper and clean-shaven, but won’t be enough for someone who likes to change styles often. It shaves down the cheeks and neck quickly and easily, but it’s a little bulky under the nose and jawline. 

The battery lasts a full 80 minutes. It technically works while charging, although the cord falls out easily during use making it less feasible. Despite its power, it’s very light which is helpful for anyone who has lost a bit of strength in their hands. 

The foils on this shaver are made of hypoallergenic titanium, which reduces the chance of irritation. This is quite useful since the skin tends to become thinner and more sensitive with age. However, it’s designed to cut very close to the skin, so there’s still some risk of accidental cuts.   

I do like that it still has that retro Andis design with the matte gray plastic. It’s not overly complex, and there are no dials or accessories to fuss with. For the kind of older man who wants a close shave but can’t be bothered with fancy new technology, this kind of simplicity is a huge benefit. This made it an easy choice to include in this list of best electric razors for elderly men.


  • Powerful shaver gets very close to the skin, making it an excellent option for a clean-shaven look. 
  • Lightweight, so it can be held by users with decreased hand mobility. 
  • Hypoallergenic titanium blades reduce the channels of irritation to sensitive skin. 
  • Simple one-button operation is great for users who can’t be bothered with complicated controls. 


  • Cord falls out easily while shaving, making corded use difficult. 
  • Because it gives a close shave, there is a slightly higher risk of nicking the skin.

Braun Series 7 790cc Electric Shaver

This premium razor is a powerful, multi-functional tool. It has a lot of unique features and it gives a fundamentally great shave thanks to quality stainless steel blades that stay sharp. 

The flexible head fits nicely against the skin, and it even shaves in every direction which is useful for preventing accidental tugging and irritation. It’s highly adjustable, so you can have it on a lower setting if you have a fine beard and sensitive skin, or turn up the power if your whiskers are tough and coarse. It shaves down a 5-day growth easily, but can also smooth down a single day’s stubble.  

The motor is supposedly capable of adapting to your beard coarseness, as well, although in practice I didn’t find it very noticeable. 

The charging station also doubles as a cleaning and disinfecting station. It conveniently reduces the amount of effort you’ll need to put in when maintaining the shaver. Unfortunately, it also means you’ll have to repurchase cleaning fluid, which is an added expense on top of the already high price tag. 


  • Flexible head shaves in multiple directions, to prevent tugging or irritation. 
  • Multiple power settings to give a smooth shave even if stubble is long.  
  • Quality stainless steel blades retain their sharpness for a long time. 
  • Low setting is excellent for sensitive skin. 
  • The charging station doubles as a cleaning station, for easier cleaning and care. 


  • Expensive.
  • Cleaning fluid must be re-purchased and is an ongoing expense. 

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

This small shaver was quite the sensation when it first came out, and to date, I haven’t seen many other brands build on this innovation. It’s an all-in-one electric shaver, trimmer, and detailer that’s about the size of a regular cartridge razor. It’s the only electric shaver on this list that works just as well for wet shaving as it does for dry shaving. 

Unlike most other electric shavers, this tool shaves in every direction, which helps with maneuvering whether you’re shaving yourself or someone else. The closest shave it can give is 1 mm, which isn’t as close as other shavers but also makes this a more gentle razor that’s great for sensitive skin. 

It also comes with a guard that allows you to trim your beard into more of a stubble. It’s not the strongest shaver on this list, so it works better on softer hair, and may not suffice for coarse beards.

It’s sleek and convenient, but for elderly men, the major benefit is that it’s incredibly gentle and non-tugging thanks to the slightly more protective blades. It’s a safe choice even for those who’ve lost some mobility in their hands since the blade design makes accidental cuts incredibly unlikely.  

The battery only lasts for 45 minutes, and this is after you’ve had to charge it for 8 hours. It’s enough for one or two shaves, but it can be pretty frustrating if you forget to plug it in (especially since it can’t be used while charging). 


  • Shaves in every direction for easy maneuvering and to prevent missed spots. 
  • The best option for wet shaving
  • Small size makes it portable and easy to hold. 
  • 1mm shave is more gentle on sensitive skin. 
  • Comes with a guard for creating more of a stubble look. 
  • Safer choice for those who’ve lost mobility, since the blade design makes accidental cuts incredibly unlikely.  


  • Shaver isn’t powerful enough for very coarse or large beards. 
  • Doesn’t give as close a shave as other options. 
  • The battery doesn’t last as long as other shavers. 

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

This is a great foil shaver with a rugged contemporary design and larger handle.

Unlike other foil shavers, this tool has a trimmer inserted between the two foils, which cuts down longer hairs before they have a chance to get caught up in the foil shavers. It’s a particularly good buy for men who don’t necessarily shave very often, or for caretakers who only shave their charge once a week or so. 

It provides a smooth and relatively close shave – not quite as tight against the skin as the Andis, but it’s closer than the Philips Norelco shaver, and it’s a faster choice for cutting down 5-7 days of growth.  

It has a pivoting head that makes it easy to shave closely against the contours of the face and jaw even when the skin sags a little. For the hard-to-reach areas, a pop-up detailer tool offers an easy solution, although it’s a little odd to control, so it’s best held by someone with a very steady grip. 

It can be used corded or cordless, and there is even an LED display that keeps you updated on the battery status. 


  • Trimmer between foils allows this shaver to cut down longer growth. 
  • Provides a relatively smooth shave, but not so smooth as to be likely to irritate. 
  • The pivoting head fits the contours of the face easily and accommodates lax skin. 
  • Pop-up detailer makes it easier to get into hard-to-reach spots. 


  • Detailer might be difficult for someone with reduced mobility to operate. 
  • Won’t satisfy men who want a very close shave. 

Wahl Professional Rechargeable Shaver

If there’s a great basic Andis product, there’s probably also a slightly more deluxe version from Wahl that costs a little more. Like my top pick, this is also a double-foil shaver with a single button to operate, and it gives a very close shave. 

It’s designed for the barbershop environment, but it’s also a very good option for at-home shaving, especially for an elderly man who’s not interested in operating anything too fussy. It’s best for daily or near-daily use since it’s designed to work best on stubble. 

The biggest difference between this razor and Andis is the battery. The Andis shaver runs on a lithium battery, while the Wahl has a slightly dated nickel-cadmium battery. As a result, Wahl’s shaver starts to slow down as it loses power. For some users, this is a drawback, although I appreciate having a signal that it’s time to charge. With that said, it’s still considered one of the best electric razors for elderly men.

The cord does a much better job staying put during use, and a full charge will last for a respectable 60 minutes.  

For a lot of readers, it may just come down to style. The Wahl shaver has a memorable aesthetic, with a red body and shiny gold foils which enhance the shaving experience by transporting you back in time – playing The Stylistics in the background while you shave is highly recommended. 


  • Very simple to operate. 
  • Gives a very close, clean shave. 
  • The battery slows down as it starts to run out of power, letting the user know that it’s time to re-charge. 
  • Memorable old-school aesthetic. 
  • Easy to use when plugged in, should the battery run out. 


  • Slightly more expensive than comparable Andis shaver. 
  • Some users will dislike that performance slows down as the battery loses charge.  

What To Consider When Buying Electric Razors For Elderly Men

Every man has his own routine and style, no matter his age, so considering the following factors so you can buy from our list of best electric razors for elderly men.

What’s His Style? 

Consider the style of facial hair that the person you’re shopping for likes. Is he more of a Sean Connery or a Patric Stewart? Most electric shavers cut right down to the skin, for a very clean look, while some create more of a short stubble.

How Often Does He Shave? 

Simple foil razors, including the Andis 17150, will struggle to shave down anything longer than stubble, so they’re best for elderly men who shave every day. More complex tools like the Philips Norelco and Remington F5-5800 will work even if he shaves less often, or is shaved by a caretaker who can only come in once or twice a week.  

What Can His Skin Handle?

The other thing to consider is the condition of his skin. If his skin is very thin or sensitive, choose a slightly more gentle razor, even if it means achieving less smooth of a shave. 

Is There Space? 

Finally, take into account the logistics of charging and storing the razor. Will it be in his room? Will he be able to plug it in himself? You may want to choose a razor that holds a charge for a longer time if you’re in a situation where remembering to charge might be an issue. 

How To Shave An Elderly Man With Electric Razor

If you’ve taken on a caretaker role, learning how to give an elderly man a shave will keep him looking neat and put together. An electric shaver makes it easier and requires less prep. 

First of all, pick a razor from this list of best electric razors for elderly men.

It’s best to shave him after he’s had a shower, because that way you’ll know his skin is clean, and there’ll be a lower chance of razor bumps or infection. You can also wash and towel dry his face. 

With age, the skin tends to lose some of its firmness, so as you shave him, make sure to use your other hand to keep the skin taut. This will prevent injury and give a cleaner shave. 

To shave him, hold the razor so it’s at about a 90-degree angle against his skin (although this will also depend on the electric shaver model). 

To avoid irritating his skin, always shave with the grain instead of against it. Most electric razors will actually fail to cut if they’re moved with the grain, but this suggestion also applies to manual razors. With a foil shaver, you’ll probably need to make 2-3 passes over the area that you’re shaving to cut it down as closely and evenly as possible. 

If it’s at all possible, try to let him shave by himself. It’ll allow him to feel a little more self-sufficient and may also help with his cognitive skills. 

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