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5 Best Acne Moisturizer For Men In 2023

Lotions, creams, and oils are a catch 22 for acne. On one hand, they soften the skin and clear up flakiness, but on the other hand, they often clog your pores, causing more breakouts. If you find yourself constantly walking that fine line, then use the best acne moisturizer for men to pull yourself firmly onto the side of hydrated, supple, clear skin.

PSA: Make sure to know the difference between glycolic acid vs salicylic acid before buying anything acne-related.

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Brickell Men’s Daily Face Moisturizer (Our Top Pick)

Brickell Men’s has the best lotions and face washes for oily and acne-prone skin , hands down. They’re a luxury men’s skincare brand, and they frequently deliver on some bold marketing promises.

Their daily face moisturizer is light, so it won’t clog your pores. But it WILL help with flakes, irritation, and dryness. Apply a thin layer at least once per day, and you should start to notice an improvement in the amount of oil your skin produces. For best results, pair the moisturizer with a good face wash and a scrub… then make sure to wait a few minutes so it can really absorb into your skin (you should do this with all skincare products!)


• Light, non-greasy, won’t clog your pores.

• Scent pairs really well with other men’s skin products and colognes.

• Promotes smoother, softer, healthier skin.


• Not a top choice for guys with eczema or psoriasis on top of acne. Can’t deal with heavier skin conditions.

Black Wolf Gentle Face Wash

If you just can’t stand lotions and oils as moisturizers, then get soft skin with your cleanser. Black Wolf’s gentle face wash uses sugar and oil as key ingredients to hydrate your skin as it’s cleansing away bacteria and preventing acne-causing infections.

The fine sugar particles actually dissolve against your skin as they exfoliate away dead cells, wash away oiliness, and unclog your pores. Paired with gentle oils and glycerin, so Black Wolf’s gentle sugar-y face wash is really a triple threat. It’ll fight acne, cleanse, and moisturize (hint: this means less popping pimples and more getting girls)

That’s what I like to call a great value product and it’s why it’s on this list of best acne moisturizer for men.


• Sugar in the face wash exfoliates skin and unclogs pores.The Oils moisturize and protect from damage. Perfect combo.

• Face wash has a significantly nicer texture than regular lotions and oils. Great for guys who want an unconventional moisturizer.


• Lesser-known men’s skin care brand that was just recently founded. Still building consumer trust.

Beauty By Earth Oil Control Face Moisturizer

If you love luxury but run a tight budget, then let me introduce you to your new favorite brand.

Beauty by Earth is an all-natural skin care line run by a small family, and their products are unusually high-quality for their price point. Their face moisturizer is bursting with ingredients to soften and soothe inflamed, acne-ridden skin.

Licorice extract, seed oil, aloe vera, essential oils – it’s an unusual assortment, but shockingly effective. Not only will the moisturizer soften your skin, but it’ll actually hop in the ring and help fight your acne. Just keep in mind that it does take time for your skin to clear up, regardless of how great your moisturizer is.


• Moisturizing AND acne-fighting. Best of all worlds.

• All-natural, gentle, clean ingredients for picky skin.

• Luxury product at an incredibly affordable price point. Get in on this good deal!


• If you have plant-related allergies, check the ingredient list carefully and patch test before you apply.

Tiege Hanley Moisturizing Face Cream

Applying eight different products to treat dryness, acne, oil, sensitivity, and more gets old really fast. Luckily, Tiege Hanley has your all-in-one solution. Their face cream helps with irritation, dryness, and acne simultaneously, keeping your skin clear and happy.

Tiege Hanley started out as a brand based on the promise of sensibility, simplicity and affordability, but based on their growth since 2016, three better words to describe them would be luxury, efficacy, and value. Buying through them is a hefty investment in your skin and health. (And if you’re still balking at the small bottle size, rest assured, a small squirt goes a long way.)


• All-in-one acne cream and moisturizer that soothes skin. (Kind of a miracle product, ngl.)

• Great for irritated acne. 

• Made for men’s skin. 

• Non-existent scent, perfect for morning use.


• Sometimes two-in-one products just don’t know how to handle combination skin. Not recommended if you’re experiencing oiliness and dryness.

Manskin Moisturizer

At the end of the day, some of my favorite moisturizers are those that focus on repairing skin damage, such as evening out peeling skin. They’re softer, more satisfying to apply, and gentler on irritation and acne.

Manskin is a great example. Their moisturizer is packed with minerals and vitamins so that you can get those restorative benefits delivered straight to your skin.

What’s even better is that it’s still a thin product. It won’t clog your pores or encourage your oils, so rest assured that it won’t cause more acne. Apply it frequently enough, and you should notice improvements in your collagen production, making your skin soft and taut while minimizing wrinkles.


• Healing benefits from minerals and vitamins packed into the lotion.

• Thin, easy-to-apply product with a nice texture.

• Quick-drying, unlike other “medicinal” lotions and creams.


• Marketed as “anti-aging,” which is often hit or miss. Should help soften aging marks, but will not set your skin’s clock back by 10 years.

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