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Benefits Of Kaolin Clay Soap For Men

Kaolin clay is a master of versatility. If you’re looking for a bathroom product that can help you weather dry, oily, sensitive, and irritated skin days all at once, look no further: you’ll love all the benefits of kaolin clay soap.

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Benefits Of Kaolin Clay Soap

Kaolin Clay Comes With Lots Of Optionality

Whether you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin, kaolin clay has a mineral blend built for you. It comes in a variety of colors that each correspond to their own set of benefits. Some popular variations include:

• White: best for sensitive skin. White kaolin clay is absorbent but gentle, so it won’t irritate dry skin.

• Yellow: this is the happy-in-between color if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for in a kaolin clay soap. Yellow kaolin clay is not as gentle as white, but it is a better exfoliant, and it will dissolve excess facial oil.

• Red: the heaviest variety you can buy. Red kaolin clay is best for oily skin that needs a lot of absorption (this is also one of the main benefits of charcoal soap). It’s also a heavier exfoliant, so it’s perfect for people who have a hard time getting rid of dead skin.

• Pink: a blend between red and white kaolin clay. Like yellow, this is for indecisive soap buyers who aren’t yet sure what benefits they want from kaolin clay soap. With pink, you’ll get better exfoliation and absorption than white, but it won’t be as heavy as red.

You’ll be getting a different soap entirely, depending on which mineral blend of kaolin clay you choose. If you’re not sure what’s right for you, go with pink or yellow, then adjust from there.

Kaolin Clay Gives You That Polished Look 

If you’re into makeup or cars, you’ve probably heard of a matte finish. It absorbs light, rather than reflecting it, giving your car (or face) a nice smooth, non-oily look.

No matter which variety you’re using, kaolin clay will help you achieve a matte finish, which is rare in a soap that’s great for sensitive skin. Most natural soaps use excess oils to create a protective barrier for sensitive skin. But if you already have oily skin (or worse: oily and dry skin), that’s not what you want.

Kaolin clay will save you from any skin irritation, without giving your face that gross oily sheen. You’ll look polished and put-together.

Kaolin Clay Is Great As A Hair Soap

In fact, kaolin clay soap is all-in-one. I normally advise against all-in-one products because really your hair, body, and face all have their own specific needs, but kaolin clay is one exception I’m willing to make (hair use is also one of the main benefits of olive oil soap).

It’s gentle and feels good against the scalp. Just be sure you’re lathering it up first, then applying the lather to your hair, rather than rubbing the bar directly on your head. Kaolin clay will clean your hair just as effectively as your body – be sure to buy a bar that’s labeled as an all-in-one product.

Check out how to use bar soap in the shower or how to make bar soap last longer in the shower. These are great resources if you want to make the most out of an all-in-one bar of kaolin clay.

Does Kaolin Clay Whiten Skin?

No. Kaolin clay won’t whiten your skin. 

But you shouldn’t be using any soaps that advertise themselves as skin whiteners; they’re likely to contain bleaches that will do long-term damage to your liver and kidneys.

Like most natural soaps, kaolin clay can help clear up acne and dark spots, brightening skin in a healthy way, but not lightening or whitening skin. You’ll love the results, and you won’t have to schedule a soap-related medical checkup down the line.

Does Kaolin Clay Remove Blackheads?

Kaolin clay face masks are pretty popular. They’ve built a reputation as excellent for your pores – smoothing skin complexion and minimizing blackheads. It’s harder to say whether a kaolin clay soap has all the same blackhead benefits as a kaolin clay face mask.

Think about it this way: you leave a facemask on for at least 10 minutes. Soap stays on your body for maybe 30-50 seconds, if you’re moving slowly. As absorbent as kaolin clay is, it can only do so much in under a minute. 

Using a kaolin clay soap regularly will help you prevent blackheads, but once you do have a zit, you’ll probably need to supplement your soap with a facemask. (Or, if you have someone in your life who just loves popping pimples and zits, they can probably help you out.)

As a side note, one of the main benefits of eucalyptus oil soap is anti-inflammation. It’s not much of a “blackhead remover”, but it does help.

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