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How To Store Shampoo Bars And Conditioner Properly

I’ll let you in on a money-saving life hack: learn how to store shampoo bars and conditioner properly. They’ll last longer, smell better, and do more for your hair than traditional liquid shampoos and conditioners.

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How To Store Shampoo Bar In Shower

Here’s the secret to storing your shampoo bar in the shower: don’t. Leaving your shampoo bar in the shower guarantees that it’s going to dissolve faster in that wet environment. It would be a shame for your zero-waste shampoo bar to go down the drain like that. Use these techniques to save it.

Keep Your Shampoo Bar Out Of Water

Lots of guys leave their soap and shampoo bars on the built-in shelf in the shower, exposed to water. Even when the shower isn’t running, your shampoo bar might be collecting water droplets and sitting in a puddle of its own slime.

Try storing your shampoo bar on the sink, or really anywhere that’s dryer than your shower. Keeping it away from water ensures that it stays hard and lasts longer.

Though, I would like to take this opportunity to say that it’s a myth that soaps and shampoos can harbor bacteria. Research consistently shows that microorganisms don’t grow on soap or shampoo bars. If you feel like your bar is looking a little grimey, just rinse it off. It’s one of the most sanitary items in your bathroom.

Let Your Shampoo Bar Dry Out Between Washes

Hopefully this is a happy side effect of keeping your shampoo bar in a dry spot. Letting your shampoo bar dry out between washes helps you control portion sizes. If the bar is soft and pliable, you’re more likely to use more suds than you actually need.

The harder and dryer your shampoo bar is by the time you need to wash again, the easier it will be to only take what you need.

If you give your shampoo bar ample time to dry out between washes, and it still feels scummy, it might be that you need a shampoo bar that can withstand hard water. 

Use A Soap Saver (In This Case, A Shampoo Saver)

The best way to keep your shampoo bar dry is with a soap saver. They’re slightly different from soap dishes – they have contoured surfaces so that water can drain from the soap (or shampoo bar).

You can buy a traditional soap saver – a dish with a ridged surface – or you can get yourself a mesh drawstring soap bag. I like this option because it’s truly zero waste. Add your shampoo bar to the bag and leave it in the bag while you use it (the suds will seep out). That way, you use every part of the shampoo bar without any leftover scraps.

When you’re not using the shampoo, hang the drawstring soap bag somewhere to dry. It’s a win-win for you and your shampoo bar!

How To Store Shampoo Bar

If you got excited and bought a bulk pack of shampoo bars, you’ll want to pack away the extras correctly so that they’re ready for your hair when you take them out of storage.

Don’t Leave Your Shampoo Bar In The Sun

Ideally, you should leave your shampoo bar in whatever packaging it came in and store it in a cool, dark, dry place until you’re ready to start using it.

If you leave your shampoo bar in the sun, it’s likely that the color will fade and the scents will evaporate. That’s half the fun of a shampoo bar, gone! 

Use It Within A Year

Lots of the best shampoo and conditioner bars contain all-natural ingredients with a limited shelf life. Shampoo bars smell, look, and work best when they’re fresh out of package and still young. Make sure you use up your shampoo bar supply within six months to a year.

Shampoo bars that contain synthetics have a longer lifespan, but they’re not as nourishing for your hair. I recommend sticking with natural shampoo bars and avoiding bulk purchases to keep everything fresh.

Bonus: Try Cutting Your Shampoo In Half

Cutting your shampoo bar in half can actually make it last longer in the shower. There’s less for the water to dissolve (surface area-wise), so over time you get more use out of it. Plus, it’s much easier to hold onto.

If you feel like you still need more pointers, you can use the same tricks we outlined in how to store bar soap for storing your shampoo bars.

How To Store Shampoo Bars For Travel

Shampoo bars are great for traveling. Unlike normal shampoo, they’re compact, and you can take them through TSA.

If your shampoo bar is dry, you can pack it without much fuss. No need to wrap it up or seal it. But if you know you’ll have to travel with it wet, there are two rules to follow.

DON’T Store Shampoo Bars In Ziplock Bags

By the time you get home, you’ll have a bag full of liquid soap scum if you store your shampoo bar in a ziplock bag. Besides, isn’t the point of buying shampoo bars to go zero-waste?

DO Store Shampoo Bars Somewhere With Airflow

There are special containers on the market with fancy cutouts and drainage for traveling with your shampoo bar, but you don’t have to be that extra. Just pat your bar dry with a paper towel, and wrap it loosely in a dry washcloth. Let it breathe!

Traveling with shampoo bars is 100000% better than traveling with liquid shampoo, whether you’re taking a two-day road trip or a month-long tropical get-away. It won’t spill in your luggage or take up too much space. Just pack it correctly so that you get the most out of it.

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