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How Much Does A Straight Razor Shave Cost?

Straight razor shaves are unmatched. They’ll give you clean, soft skin, and you get to feel uber-manly running a blade along your jawline. But they don’t come cheap compared to your typical safety razor – so how much does a straight razor shave cost? 

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How Much Does A Straight Razor Shave Cost

A full-service straight razor shave will cost anywhere from $25-45 depending on where you live. Larger cities with a higher cost-of-living tend to lean toward the $45 mark, while smaller towns and suburbs hover around $25-35.

With your shave, you can expect a warm towel service beforehand. That acts as a pre-shave to soften your skin. If you’re shaving yourself at home, you can take a hot shower beforehand to achieve the same effect.

Your barber should also use a pre-shave product of some sort, like an oil, to help the blade glide, along with a high-quality shaving cream.

The shave should take 15-30 minutes, depending on whether your barber is giving you a full clean face or an edge-up for your beard and neck. And he should throw in an after-shave product to help your skin avoid irritation.

The final result should be a super-clean shave that’ll give you soft skin. 

How Much Does A DIY Straight Razor Shave Cost

The supplies you need for a DIY straight razor shave have an upfront cost anywhere from $200 to $500. It all depends on how high-quality you want your blade, strop, and shaving cream.


• Straight Razor: $120-300

• Strop: $20-100

• Shaving Cream: $10-20

• Hot Towel (use a washcloth that you hopefully have on-hand)

Keep in mind, a great straight razor should last years, even decades, with proper maintenance. Store it in a dry place, and frequently use a strop to sharpen your straight razor. Rule of thumb for most guys is to sharpen it every time you shave. The upfront investment might look hefty, but you will save money in the long run.

And don’t be a cheapskate with the shaving cream. A straight razor is literally a blade that you’re running along your skin. Shaving cream protects you from cuts, and it’ll help you avoid skin irritation. Look for a shaving cream with a thin consistency to help the blade glide easily.

It’ll take some time and practice to get a really nice shave. Follow the grain of your hair first, then once you’ve taken the stubble off, shave against the grain. You’ll have a nice shaving pattern down in no time.

You’ll recoup your investment easily within a few months, and you’ll get that awesome, clean straight razor shave without the cost of visiting the barber.

How Long Does A Straight Razor Shave Last?

Your straight razor shave, done well, should last about 2 days. The sharper blade gets right up against your skin, offering a closer shave that lasts longer compared to safety razors and disposable razors.

Is A Straight Razor Shave Worth It?

Straight razors are easy to clean and maintain, offer a cleaner shave, prevent ingrown hairs, work well for sensitive skin, and last longer than your typical shave.

For most guys, a straight razor shave is definitely worth the upfront investment and learning curve.

But your personal preferences and shaving style matter, too. You might like a disposable blade – it’s not a crisis if you break it or lose it.

If you’re uncertain about investing in a DIY straight razor, visit the barber for a straight shave first, and see if you like the results.

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