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How Long Does A Straight Razor Shave Last?

When you pay an arm and a leg for a professional straight razor shave, it’s probably the top question on your mind – how long does a straight razor shave last?

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How Long Does A Straight Razor Shave Last

A straight razor shave should last 1-2 days. Of course, that depends on how fast your hair grows, and how clean of a shave you got. 

How Often Should You Shave With A Straight Razor?

To keep your face baby-smooth, you’ll still need to use a straight razor daily. It’s not that a straight razor shave lasts much longer than a normal shave, but it shaves closer to your skin. The best straight razors will give you a cleaner shave than you’ve ever had with a typical razor.

On top of that, a straight razor is less likely to give you skin irritation or cuts once you know how to use it properly, so your daily shaving experience should be much more pleasant.

How Often Do You Need To Sharpen Straight Razor?

Plenty of guys sharpen their straight razors after every use. That’ll give you the cleanest, nicest shave. But if you want to stretch it, you don’t technically need to sharpen your blade for 1-6 months, depending on the material.

Check the product description before you buy your straight razor. It’ll give you a good idea of what kind of maintenance your blade needs.

How Many Shaves Does A Straight Razor Last?

Straight razors are a lifetime friend when you buy high-quality blades. Many last upwards of 20 years with proper care. That’s countless shaves!

If you opt for a cheap blade, don’t expect it to last longer than a year. Straight razors may seem expensive ($200-300) but think about the return on investment over the years.

How To Get The Closest Shave Possible

You can use a few different tricks to make sure that you get the closest shave possible with a straight razor.

  1. Pre-Shave with warm water

Before you break out your straight razor, get your skin ready with a warm towel, face wash, or shower. The steam from the hot water will soften your skin and open up your pores so that your blade can get closer to the root of your hair.

If you use an exfoliating face wash, you can even help your razor glide more smoothly.

  1. Sharpen your blade

Most guys know that a sharp blade is the key to a good shave. If your straight razor isn’t performing like it used to, it’s probably overdue for a sharpening. Follow our tips in How to Sharpen a Straight Razor.

  1. Angle your strokes

When you shave with a straight razor, hold it at a 30 degree angle to your skin, and start by following the grain of your hair and the contours of your jaw. Once you’ve taken off the stubble, stroke against the grain to get a super close shave.

  1. Use a thin shaving cream

Lots of shaving creams are super thick. They feel rich against your face – but they also inhibit your blade. Choose a thinner shaving cream to get a better straight razor shave. And don’t worry about cuts – thin shaving creams protect your skin just like thick shaving creams.

Don’t worry if you’re getting a straight razor shave with your barber – he should know all these tricks, and he’ll hook you up with some great pre- and post-shave products.

The Advantages Of A Straight Razor Shave

A straight razor shave takes longer than a normal shave, but the benefits are immeasurable. Some things you can look forward to:

• Straight razors offer a cleaner shave.

• Straight razor shaves give you softer skin.

• Straight razor shaves are good for sensitive skin.

• Straight razors last a lifetime.

• Straight razors prevent ingrown hairs.

They’re unmatched in quality. So if you want the cleanest shave in your office, a straight razor is the way to go.

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