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5 Best Oster Clippers In 2023

If you’re looking for a “buy-it-for-life” haircutting workhorse, look no further than Oster. In these reviews I’ll explain what makes this brand such a standout and help you find the best Oster clippers for your needs.  

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Oster Classic 76 Hair Clippers (Our Top Pick)

This set is not only my number one pick but it’s also a go-to for many barbers all over the world. It’s a powerful clipper with a durable, long-lasting build. It’s perfect for removing a lot of hair quickly (what barbers call “bulk cutting”). For guys doing their own hair at home, it’s as simple a machine as you can find. 

It comes with two blades, which isn’t very common. One blade cuts at 2.4 mm, which is great for all-over cutting, and the other cuts at 0.5 mm, which is great for fades and close shaves. Switching from one blade to the other is very easy since they just clip on – you won’t need a screwdriver or anything of the sort. 

Because it’s a simple model, there is no lever for adjusting the blades. It’s fine for simple buzz cuts, but it does make more expert-level fading pretty much impossible. 

You can also buy comb guards separately in order to get a little more cutting options on the longer end of things, but they’re not an ideal solution. If you want to create more impressive cuts, opt for the Oster Fast Feed instead.  

The motor on this clipper (as well as most other best Oster clippers) is a universal motor with very high-torque, which is why it’s so effective at cutting off a lot of bulk quickly and easily. It’s pretty heavy, though, so you may get fatigued if you attempt to use it for too long. 

One of the reasons why these clippers are so long-lasting is because they’re only designed for corded use. It does hurt portability, although the cord is 9 meters long so there’s still some flexibility. 

The set also includes a cleaning brush, blade oil, and clipper grease for the gears. 


  • Simple machine for bulk or one-length cutting whether you’re a pro or doing your own home haircuts. 
  • Very powerful universal motor that cuts easily through a lot of bulk. 
  • Design geared towards longevity means that this clipper will easily last you for years or even decades. 


  • Not very versatile due to lack of lever. 
  • Quite heavy. 

Oster Fast Feed Clipper

If you’re looking for a more professional tool, the Fast Seed is definitely one of the best Oster clippers to consider. They’re designed only for corded use, like the 76 clipper, but their design is geared more towards fading and professional men’s cuts. 

The blade can cut at a standard 0.5 mm, but there’s also a lever that allows you to adjust it all the way up to about 2.4 mm, along with multiple lengths in between. This makes gentle tapering and fading very easy to do, which is pretty much a must if you want to create a haircut that’s not just acceptable but genuinely attractive. 

If you want to get an even tighter fade, you can zero-gap the Fast Feeds, but then you also increase the risk of shredding whoever’s head you’re shaving. 

The Fast Feeds come with 4 additional guide combs, as well as blade oil and a cleaning brush. 

These clippers are quite famous for their ultra-quiet, comfortable operation. They have a pivot motor, which doesn’t move as fast as a universal motor, but actually ends up cutting through thick or coarse hair very easily. It’s not great for cutting a lot of hair quickly, but it makes precision work a breeze. 

More importantly, it stays cool and quiet which allows for very comfortable cutting. A lot of barbers own both the Fast Feeds and the Classic 76, which allows for very comprehensive cutting. 



  • Pivot motor isn’t as powerful as the rotary motor on other Oster clippers.
  • Not fast enough to deal with a lot of bulk. 

Oster Model 10 Classic Clipper

The Model 10 is a slightly more upscale clipper in the same vein as the Classic 76. Like the 76, it’s an ideal tool for bulk cutting, buzz cuts, as well as slightly longer all-over cuts. 

It comes with two blades: a 0.5 mm and a 2.4 mm. These are the most useful length options for the average home barber, but if you want to get creative they don’t allow for seamless transitions. For professionals, this clipper alone wouldn’t suffice unless you’re a fan of the comb over clippers method of cutting.  

The main difference between the Model 10 and the 76 is weight. The Model 10 manages to measure up to the 76 when it comes to power and durability, but it’s significantly lighter. If you’re a pro doing big cuts all day, that change in weight can take a big toll off your arm, and make cutting all day long a much more comfortable process.  


  • An excellent tool for quickly cutting off a lot of hair or doing one-length cuts.  
  • Lighter than the Classic 76 for a more comfortable hold. 
  • Very powerful and durable despite its size. 


  • A little expensive. 
  • Not very versatile. 

Oster Free Rider Clipper

The Free Rider is a budget-friendly alternative to the Fast Feed. It’s a solid option if you want to create nicer haircuts at home but you don’t necessarily need something quite as powerful or robust as the Fast Feed. 

The major difference is that the Free Rider is a little lighter and more comfortable to hold. Is it as durable as the Fast Feed? Probably not, but if you’re not a barber cutting hair all day every day, that’s probably acceptable. It’s still a powerful clipper that will easily endure weekly cutting, even if you’re using it on your entire family. 

Like the Fast Feed, it has a great blade for soft fades, with a lever that allows you to adjust from 000 to 1 (i.e. 0.5 mm to 2.4 mm). There are also 4 plastic combs for cutting longer lengths, so it really does offer the same versatility and functionality as the Fast Feed. 


  • Excellent clipper for doing more complex haircuts at home. 
  • Budget-friendly alternative to the Fast Feed. 
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold. 


  • Not as durable as the Fast Feed.

Oster Octane Cordless Clipper

Oster has been a little behind the times when it comes to cordless clippers, especially when compared to other barbershop brands like BaByliss or Wahl. However, once it did finally release the Octane Cordless Clipper, the result was pretty remarkable. 

It’s one of very few cordless clippers that manages to match its corded-only counterparts when it comes to power and torque. Most cordless clippers have a magnetic motor, but the Octane clipper has the same rotary motor as Oster’s corded tools. Despite having to accommodate both the battery and motor, it’s not too heavy. 

In functionality, the Octane clipper is quite similar to the Oster Model 10, which means it’s a great machine for bulk hair removal or for cutting hair to a single length. It comes with a 000 blade and 1 blade, so it’s not a clipper for fading. 

It comes with an attractive charging dock and blade oil, so it’s not a huge set but it does look nice. A full charge allows for a 2 hour runtime, which could easily be enough for 4 hair cuts or more. 

Compared to Oster’s other clippers, the Octanes are undeniably pricey. If you’re looking for a great cordless clipper specifically for bulk cutting, it’s a fantastic choice, but if you’d rather save, you may be willing to compromise with the corded Classic 76 or Model 10. 


  • Cordless clipper with the same power as corded clippers.
  • Not too heavy despite having both a rotary motor and battery.
  • Ideal for removing a lot of hair quickly and creating single-length cuts. 


  • Very expensive, so hard to justify for home-use. 
  • Not particularly versatile.  

Are Oster Hair Clippers Any Good?

Oster doesn’t get as much attention as Andis and Wahl, but it’s actually a phenomenal barbershop brand that’s been around for just as long. 

Oster clippers have an excellent reputation for longevity, in particular. It’s not unusual for barbers to keep on using the same Oster clipper for decades, with just the occasional blade replacement.  

The other notable detail about Oster is that almost all of their clippers (with the exception of the Fast Feed) have a rotary motor. Rotary motors excel when it comes to cutting thick or coarse hair thanks to their immense power. They’re fast, but not so fast as to snag, which is sometimes an issue with other types of motors. They also require minimal maintenance, so they’re part of the reason why Oster clippers are so long-lasting.   

All-in-all, it’s hard to go wrong with an Oster tool. However, they’re admittedly heavy, and their cordless options are pretty sparse. They’re designed with professionals in mind, so they can be overkill for men cutting their own hair at home.  

If you’d prefer something a little more portable but still powerful, have a look at the best BaByliss clippers. If you’re looking for products for home use, the best Wahl clippers might be more to your liking.

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