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5 Best Issey Miyake Cologne For Men In 2023

Curious to know which fragrance might be the best Issey Miyake cologne for men? Then read on — because we’ve collected all the information you’ll need to be able to decide that for yourself.

Though better known for his innovative combinations of traditional textile crafts and modern technological advancements, Issey Miyake has been producing top-notch Asian-inflected perfumes and colognes since the early 90s. If you’re looking for a new cologne with uncommon and inspired blendings of rare ingredients, Issey Miyake is definitely worth considering.

In this guide, we’ll cover our picks for the top five Issey Miyake colognes for men. Alongside brief descriptions of each scent’s history, you’ll find full notes on their aromatic profiles as well as suggestions for how to wear each cologne.

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5 Best Issey Miyake For Men In 2022

Narrowing this list down to just five Issey Miyake colognes meant that we had our work cut out for us — because each scent this designer puts out is truly top notch. We’re confident that the five colognes listed below represent a balanced selection that will please any man looking to try out a new fragrance.

L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme Intense (Our Top Pick)

Debuted in 2007 and designed in collaboration with Jacques Cavallier, L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme Intense is an astoundingly complex cologne. We were outright amazed at how well-balanced the cologne turned out, given its profile of rare ingredients. In fact, we’re happy to nominate it as our choice for the best Issey Miyake Cologne for men!

Four types of citrus peels hone in on an indescribable top note in Pour Homme Intense, creating something that is at once familiar and foreign. Filled with aromatic spices at its heart, saffron and cinnamon take center stage while being supported by fragrant lotus leaves. Not to be outdone, the base of incense and pricy ambergris rounds out the picture of a truly unforgettable cologne.

Quite intense and very long-lasting, a little bit of L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme Intense goes a long way. In spite of its intensity, we find ourselves wanting to wear this cologne every chance we get; don’t be ashamed to wear it to work, on dates, and for special occasions year-round.


  • Top notes of yuzu, bergamot, sweet orange, and mandarin orange
  • Middle notes of nutmeg, lotus, cardamom, cinnamon, and saffron
  • Base notes of incense, papyrus, ambergris, benzoin, and amber

Best For: 

  • Wearing all day, every day
  • Year-round wear

L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme

The forerunner of our top pick among Issey Miyake’s colognes, L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme was one of the fashion designer’s first fragrances for men. Debuted in 1994, it has maintained a steady reputation as a complex yet refined cologne that never overreaches — truly a marvel of the perfuming craft.

A wild array of citrus peels and fresh, green herbs make up the top notes of L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme, giving it a profoundly enticing introduction. Once into the heart of the fragrance, you’ll find warm spices alongside fresh flowers and indulgent saffron. Supported by a classically robust base of tobacco and cedar, L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme blends masculine energies throughout the entire composition.

Only moderately intense but very long-lasting, L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme is a classic warm-weather cologne. Overall, we think it’s the best Issey Miyake summer cologne that any man might find.


  • Top notes of yuzu, lemon, bergamot, mandarin orange, lemon verbena, cypress, coriander, tarragon, and sage
  • Middle notes of lotus, nutmeg, lily of the valley, saffron, saffron, cinnamon, geranium, mignonette
  • Base notes of vetiver, musk, cedar, sandalwood, tobacco, and amber

Best For: 

  • Summertime wear
  • Daytime wear

L’eau Bleue D’issey Pour Homme

Though it was the winner of a 2005 award for best cologne packaging, L’eau Bleue d’Issey Pour Homme is far from being just a pretty face — the aromatic composition definitely backs up the beautiful packaging. An exceptionally balanced cologne, it’s an excellent choice for year-round wear.

Opening with a nose of freshly crushed rosemary and zesty citrus, L’eau Bleue d’Issey Pour Homme moves languidly into middle notes of ginger, lavender, and peppercorns. With its base of sandalwood and oakmoss, though, this cologne never strays too far from its masculine roots.

Quite intense and exceptionally long-lasting, L’eau Bleue d’Issey Pour Homme is a great value for the money. Thanks to its balanced composition, it’s a cologne that can be worn any time of day or night, and for special occasions or everyday wear.


  • Top notes of rosemary, lime, mandarin orange
  • Middle notes of cypress, juniper berries, ginger, lavender, and pink peppercorns
  • Base notes of cedar, patchouli, oakmoss, sandalwood, and amber

Best For: 

  • Year-round wear
  • Everyday wear

L’eau D’issey Pour Homme Sport

Building on the wildly successful DNA of the original L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme, the more recent Sport edition is an energetic and dynamic take on the classic. If you’re looking for an everyday cologne that’s versatile enough to wear to work, the gym, and the club, L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport is almost certainly a perfect fit.

Grapefruit and Bergamot lead the way as vigorous and juicy top notes before taking an abrupt turn into heart notes of leather and nutmeg. While it might sound strange at first, this transition is flawless in L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport — probably thanks to the heavy base of grassy vetiver, green cedar, and oceanic ambergris.

Sporting only moderate intensity and duration, L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport doesn’t impose itself upon anyone smelling it. Instead, it glides carefree from room to room all day long, making it an ideal cologne for multipurpose use.


  • Top notes of grapefruit and bergamot
  • Middle notes of nutmeg and leather
  • Base notes of vetiver, cedar, and ambergris

Best For: 

  • Casual wear
  • Year-round wear

L’eau D’issey Pour Homme Nuit

Designed specifically for nighttime wear, L’eau D’issey Pour Homme Nuit is the darkest and sultriest of all the designer’s fragrances. Redolent of wood and leather, it’s also the most masculine of all the Issey Miyake colognes in this review.

Similar to the other colognes in the Pour Homme lineup, L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme Nuit opens up with a bright and fresh duo of bergamot and grapefruit. After that, though, everything changes gears: leather, wood, black pepper, and hay-like vetiver create a punchy middle for the cologne, and smoky incense pairs with tonka bean and patchouli for a sweet, savory, and musky undertone.

Intense and long-lasting, L’eau D’issey Pour Homme Nuit is best reserved for nighttime occasions. If you’ve been looking for a perfect date night cologne, this is the one; it’s rich and seductive, and you’ll still be able to smell its base notes the next day.


  • Top notes of bergamot and grapefruit
  • Middle notes of leather, wood, baking spices, black pepper, and vetiver
  • Base notes of incense, ebony tree, tonka bean, and patchouli

Best For: 

  • Nighttime wear
  • Date nights

Which Issey Miyake Cologne Is The Best?

In this guide, we’ve collected our picks for the top five Issey Miyake colognes for men. But choosing the best one for yourself doesn’t have to be as straightforward as buying our top pick! 

If you go back and read through the aromatic profile notes of each cologne, it’s likely that one or two will stand out in your mind. Go with your gut when you’re looking for a new cologne, and if possible try to find somewhere to test it out in person. Then, when you’ve found the perfect Issey Miyake cologne for your tastes, order online for the biggest discount.

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