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5 Best David Beckham Cologne For Men In 2023

Are you looking for the best David Beckham cologne for men? If so, you’ve come to the right place! because this guide has all the info you’ll need to choose the right David Beckham cologne for yourself.

Founded by power couple David and Victoria Beckham, Beckham fragrances are produced in conjunction with perfuming giant Coty. While they make fragrances for both men and women, Beckham’s colognes are particularly fascinating — often combining exotic ingredients in uncommon ways.

If you’re looking for a cologne that’s unique but approachable, David Beckham will almost certainly do the trick. In this guide, we’ve collected our five favorite David Beckham colognes for men, complete with notes on their aromatic profiles as well as suggestions for when and where to wear each scent.

Let’s get started!

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5 Best David Beckham Cologne For Men In 2022

Every cologne in David Beckham’s fragrance line is worth trying out — but we’re convinced that the following five colognes represent the best of the best.

David Beckham Instinct EDT (Our Top Pick)

Launched in 2005, David Beckham’s “Instinct” cologne quickly rose to fame as a modern classic. Thanks to its spicy and alluring scent, Instinct has continued to gain fans worldwide. And in our opinion, Instinct is easily the best smelling David Beckham cologne for men!

Bright citrus peel pairs with subtly spicy cardamom to introduce this fragrance, making it a supremely approachable cologne. An unforgettably piquant heart of star anise and bright red pimento peppers never strays too far from its own lane, giving a rounded and masculine tone to the entire fragrance before segueing into richly aromatic patchouli and amber at its base.

Moderately intense and with fairly good longevity, David Beckham’s Instinct cologne is ideally situated as a cologne for everyday wear. A single application will last through an entire day at the office, and a quick spritz before going out will enliven your senses any time of year.


  • Top notes of bergamot, mandarin orange, and cardamom
  • Middle notes of vetiver, star anise, and pimento pepper
  • Base notes of white amber and patchouli

Best For: 

  • Everyday wear
  • Year-round wear

Intimately Beckham

If you could choose just one David Beckham cologne for special occasions, Intimately Beckham should rank highly on your list. Shortly after it was debuted, Intimately Beckham nabbed two top awards in the fragrance industry for fragrance of the year and best packaging — and after just a quick sniff, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s a fantastic cologne.

Similar to our top choice reviewed above, Intimately Beckham opens up with a combination of citrus and cardamom before giving way to a heart tinged with star anise. Alongside the licorice-heavy middle notes, however, nutmeg and violet take the scent in a completely different direction. Anchored by sandalwood, amber, and patchouli, Intimately Beckham is a lovely combination of sweet, rich, and bright aromatics.

Displaying only a very light intensity but backed up by great longevity, this cologne is true to its name: Someone will have to be intimately close to you to get its full effect. For this reason, we think Intimately Beckham is a perfect date night cologne.


  • Top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and cardamom
  • Middle notes of nutmeg, violet, and star anise
  • Base notes of amber, patchouli, and sandalwood

Best For: 

  • Wearing on a date
  • Nighttime wear

David Beckham Homme

You can take it from David Beckham himself on this namesake cologne for men, saying “I wanted to create a modern, masculine fragrance that reflects my style.” And reflect the pro footballer’s style it does, with deeply masculine aromatics offset by joyously unpredictable splashes of exotic spices.

Numbingly spicy szechuan peppercorn leads the way alongside freshly juiced ginger and citrus peels in Homme, before taking an abrupt turn to a leathery heart accented by hints of rosemary. The signature combination of mahogany and musk is what gives this cologne its masculine base, as well as all-day aromatics that evolve beautifully over time.

David Beckham Homme is a supremely versatile cologne, offering moderate intensity and excellent duration. One bottle will last you for quite a while, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear.


  • Top notes of szechuan peppercorns, ginger, and mixed citrus peels
  • Middle notes of cashmere, leather, and rosemary
  • Base notes of mahogany, musk, and patchouli

Best For: 

  • Everyday wear
  • Year-round wear

David Beckham Classic

Any man who is a fan of craft cocktails is likely to love the scent of David Beckham Classic. Heavy on the aromatics found in gin and classic cocktails, it’s a unique fragrance composition that you won’t find many other men sporting as their daily cologne.

A restrained yet noticeable introduction of lime zest, gin, and galbanum flowers makes David Beckham Classic instantly recognizable. In the heart, you’ll find mint and nutmeg mingling with evergreen trees, all before transitioning to a long-lasting base of amber, cedar, and vetiver. Classic is a richly masculine yet not overbearing cologne.

Offering an intimate intensity and long duration, Classic can be worn on almost any occasion. We’re especially fond of wearing it on trips out to the bar, where its cocktail-inflected aromatics mingle beautifully with the environment.


  • Top notes of lime, gin, and galbanum
  • Middle notes of mint, cypress, and nutmeg
  • Base notes of amber, cedar, and vetiver

Best For: 

  • Almost any occasion
  • Wearing for nights out at the bar

David Beckham The Essence

Multi-faceted and incredibly approachable, David Beckham’s “The Essence” is also one of the company’s most recent colognes. It’s packed with contemporary style, using juicy fruit scents to appeal to a wide audience — all without sacrificing the trademark masculinity found in all Beckham colognes.

Grapefruit peel plays off of violet and lavender in the early hours of wearing the scent, giving a refreshing burst that meanders towards a heart of green apple, pineapple, and cardamom. Still, the scent is not entirely soft; a base of kashmir wood, patchouli, and smoky tonka beans gives everybody something to love in this cologne.

Quite intense but only moderately long-lasting, The Essence is an excellent cologne for spring and summer wear. Owing to its powerfully fruity heart notes, though, we think it’s best reserved as a daytime and warm weather cologne; consider having a different scent to switch to when autumn arrives.


  • Top notes of grapefruit peel, violet, and lavender
  • Middle notes of apple, pineapple, and green cardamom
  • Base notes of kashmir wood, patchouli, and tonka bean

Best For: 

  • Daytime wear
  • Spring and summer wear

What Does Beckham Cologne Smell Like?

Thanks to the wide variety of fragrances available through Beckham’s partnerships with well-known perfumers, it’s almost impossible to give one definitive answer to the question of what Beckham colognes smell like.

You will notice, however, that each Beckham cologne trends towards a blend of approachable and fruity top notes, spicy or herbal heart notes, and deep masculine base notes. Beckham colognes are made in a definitively modern style, and always carry a freshness with them that’s sure to please any crowd.

Does Beckham Cologne Smell Good?

In a word: Absolutely!

To be more specific: Beckham colognes tend to smell excellent on men of almost every skin chemistry. While some old-school perfumes and colognes won’t smell close to the same on everyone, Beckham’s colognes are made with modern technologies that let them show their best qualities on almost any skin.

If that’s not enough to convince you, though, we encourage you to take another read through the five reviews provided above. Pay special attention to the aromatic profile notes, and imagine: What would each of these colognes smell like? That way, you’ll find the cologne that’s best suited to your particular tastes.

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