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5 Best Curve Cologne For Men In 2023

Wondering which is the best Curve cologne for men? We’ve compared and reviewed dozens of the distinctive fragrances to bring you our verdict on which of these Liz Claiborne fragrances are worth buying, and which you should avoid.

Started in New York by a Belgian-born designer, Liz Claiborne developed its reputation on a series of mix-and-match women’s clothing items. Following their success in the cultural environment of late 1970s New York, the company went on to expand its offerings with fragrances for men and women alike.

In this guide, we’ll be covering our choices for the top five colognes in Liz Claiborne’s “Curve” line of fragrances, now owned and distributed by Elizabeth Arden. You’ll learn about the unique aromatic profiles of each cologne, as well as our suggestions for when and where you should wear each fragrance.

Let’s get started!

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5 Best Curve Cologne For Men 2022

The five colognes featured below represent the best of the best for all that Curve colognes have to offer. With great solutions for everyday wear and special occasions too, you’re sure to find one that suits your particular style.

Curve For Men (Our Top Pick)

Curve for Men was one of Liz Claiborne’s original colognes, debuting in 1996 to immediate critical acclaim. Even after more than 20 years, the original composition holds up well — offering an approachable yet complex cologne that’s easy to wear on almost any occasion. In our opinion, it’s the best smelling Curve cologne for men, hands down.

Pineapple, citrus, and lavender come together to create a juicy and enticing entry into Curve for Men, where a desert-inspired heart is filled with scents of watery cactus and sage playing alongside cracked coriander and ginger juice. Musk joins a plethora of woods in this cologne’s deep and ever-present base, giving a lasting presence that finely balances the otherwise simple aromatic notes.

Moderately intense and moderately long-lasting, Curve for Men is an exceptionally versatile cologne. If you’re looking for a single cologne that can be used all day, every day, Curve for Men definitely deserves your consideration.


  • Top notes of pineapple, lavender, lemon, juniper berries, and neroli
  • Middle notes of cactus, bergamot, ginger, violet, cardamom, sage, and coriander
  • Base notes of musk, sandalwood, mahogany, cedar, amber, black pepper, and vetiver

Best For: 

  • All day wear
  • Everyday wear

Curve Crush For Men

Simple and straight to the point, Curve Crush for Men is a fine example of a modern style of perfuming that’s markedly different from complex classical compositions. If you’re looking for a straightforward cologne that you don’t have to inquire deeply of, Curve Crush for Men may be just what you need.

Juicy green apple and mandarin orange peel make for an approachable and enticing top note in this cologne, before transitioning into a full and lush center of blooming geranium. Freshly sawn cedarwood and resinous amber provide a base that adds longevity and intensity to the top and middle notes.

Moderately intense and with a moderate duration, Curve Crush for Men is a user-friendly cologne for almost any time of day. It shows its best side during the hotter months of the year, but even daytime wear during the fall and winter work quite well.


  • Top notes of green apple and mandarin orange
  • Middle notes of geranium
  • Base notes of cedar and amber

Best For: 

  • Spring and summer wear
  • Daytime wear

Curve Connect For Men

Connect for Men is one of Curve’s most affordable colognes, offering a subtly masculine fragrance that’s designed for frequent reapplication. Designed for casual wear, it’s another great example of a simple and straightforward cologne from Curve that’s easy for anyone to enjoy.

Malty and astringent black tea holds the primary top note in Curve for Men, which is reinforced by the tobacco notes at this cologne’s heart. A base of sandalwood and tonka bean lends sweet and woody accords, rounding out the scent with a gentle warmth that makes it good for year-round wear. 

Featuring low intensity and a short duration, Connect for Men requires multiple applications to keep it fresh and vibrant throughout the day. It’s available for a very affordable price, making it a safe option to try out without worrying about breaking the bank.


  • Top notes of black tea
  • Middle notes of tobacco flower
  • Base notes of tonka bean and sandalwood

Best For: 

  • Multiple applications
  • Everyday wear

Curve Black For Men

The darkest and most powerful of all Curve’s colognes, Curve Black for Men is a deeply aromatic fragrance that’s perfect for wearing on date nights. If you love Curve’s straightforward style, Curve Black for Men will do a fantastic job of rounding out your collection.

A curious blend of violet, nutmeg, and bergamot comprises the top notes of the cologne, leading slowly but surely into a distinctly herbal center filled with lavender and clary sage. The rich base of tonka bean, sandalwood, and leather makes Curve Black for Men the most masculine of all Curve colognes.

Featuring moderate longevity and good intensity, Black for Men will stay with you all night with just a single application. Like Curve’s other colognes, it’s quite affordable — making it a great pickup for an impromptu date night or formal dinner.


  • Top notes of violet, nutmeg, and bergamot
  • Middle notes of lavender, clary sage, and moss
  • Base notes of leather, tonka bean, sandalwood, and teak

Best For: 

  • Date nights
  • Formal dinners
  • Nighttime wear

Curve Wave For Men

Launched in 2005, Curve Wave for Men is Liz Claiborne’s most oceanic scent. Strongly aromatic and powerfully aquatic, it’s the ideal Curve cologne for wearing to the beach. If you’re interested in an affordable cologne for summertime wear, this one will do quite well!

A medley of citrus peels and juices create a wonderfully lush top note in Wave for Men, which sticks around for just a moment before giving way to a heart full of mint and juniper. Aniseed is the primary base note, giving a complex but subtle weight to the entire composition.

Showcasing a moderate intensity, but quite a short duration, Curve Wave for Men will require frequent reapplication to keep it fresh and interesting. Consider wearing it throughout the summer months, but trading out to a different cologne once the weather turns cold.


  • Top notes of grapefruit, lemon, lime, and orange
  • Middle notes of mint and juniper
  • Base notes of aniseed

Best For: 

  • Summertime wear

Is Curve A Good Cologne?

Given their wide selection of fragrances designed to please just about any preference, we’re confident in saying that Curve is definitely a good cologne. Many of their bottlings are offered at bargain prices, making them an attractive option for someone looking to try out many colognes before deciding on their favorite.

Of course, personal preference will play a big role in whether or not you consider Curve to be a good cologne. Their style trends towards simple and straightforward, modern compositions; if you usually enjoy classic and complex colognes, Curve may not be the best match for you.

What Does Curve Cologne Smell Like?

While each bottling of Curve cologne has its own unique aromatic profile, one thing is held in common for each of their fragrances: A dedication to simplicity and popular appeal.

To go along with this, Curve colognes are available at a fraction of the price of many other designer labels. This makes most Curve colognes ideal for first-time fragrance users, where their easygoing compositions won’t provide any challenging or off putting aromatic notes.

Lastly, many Curve colognes have a strongly fruity scent that’s easy for almost anyone to enjoy. If you’re looking for a cologne to give as a gift to a young man, almost any Curve cologne will be an excellent choice!

For more great fragrances like Curve, make sure to check out brands like Hollister, Perry Ellis, and Diesel.

Which Curve Cologne Is Best?

As with any fragrance, the best Curve cologne will always be the one that you enjoy most! 

When you’re considering which fragrance to choose for yourself, it’s useful to pay close attention to the aromatic notes provided by the manufacturer. If you take the time to imagine what each cologne might smell like, it’ll be easy to decide which one appeals to you the most.

If you’re not familiar with many of the ingredients in a cologne, it’s best to go to a department store to sample the fragrance. Once you’ve found a scent that you enjoy, order it online to receive the best available price.

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