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5 Best Hand Cream For Construction Workers In 2023

Maybe you have those strong, calloused, and tan hands that women love – the catch being that your skin is unbearably dry. The best hand cream for construction workers will help you make those working man’s hands soft and smooth, perfect for when you need a more delicate touch.

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O’Keeffe’s Working Hands (Our Top Pick)

O’Keeffe’s is one of those brands that’s become a household name in its 25+ years of happy customers. It was originally a gift from a pharmacist daughter to her rancher father with dry, cracking hands. They’d both tried a range of lotions and creams with no luck, so Tara O’Keeffe blended her own moisturizer for her father.

The texture doesn’t match what you’d expect from most hand creams. It’s chalky, almost like toothpaste, and will sting when you apply it to open, sore cracks. But stick with it. You’ll start to see noticeable results in about a week – much faster than most products. Suffice to say, it was an easy choice to include in this list of best hand cream for construction workers.


• Brand with 25+ years of experience.

• FAST results. You’ll notice a marked decrease in cracks and flakes in about a week.

• Contains a mix of moisturizers and sealants, so your hands are hydrated and protected from dryness.

• Fan favorite: no other working man’s hand lotion has such overwhelmingly positive reviews from thousands of men.


• Texture is strange. Chalky like toothpaste. Will be uncomfortable until you get used to it.

• Only good for the worst of cracked, dry hands. Overkill if your hands are just a little dry.

Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer

I always recommend Jack Black for the guy who’s gritty on the streets but classy between the sheets. They’re a borderline luxury brand, yet they cater to the average man who wants nice skin with a manly vibe.

The best thing about their industrial strength hand healer is how thoroughly it absorbs into your skin. You’ll have to be patient and let it dry for about 5 minutes, but afterwards, it won’t leave behind any traces of grease or slickness. If your pet peeve about heavy medicinal lotions is the gross clammy skin that it leaves behind, then Jack Black is the right choice for you.


• Absorbs better than other lotions. Won’t give you greasy, clammy skin.

• A luxury lotion for the guy who has a long, dirty day, but wants to come home to smooth, soft skin.

• Soft eucalyptus smell that dissipates quickly. 

• Versatile! Works well on scaly feet and ashy skin along your elbows and knees.


• Not fragrance free. If you don’t like the smell of eucalyptus, it’s going to be an unpleasant experience.

• Doesn’t have that thick, soft texture of creamier moisturizers that take a longer time to absorb.

AHAVA Men’s Mineral Hand Cream

Hand creams that deal with cracked skin need to do more than just moisturize. They should repair damage, minimize irritation, and be sensitive-skin friendly. AHAVA’s mineral hand cream does all that and more. It’s packed with goodies like witch hazel and glycerin to go above and beyond the bare basic promise of moisturizing your skin.

This is the hand cream I recommend for red, irritated skin. It’s soft and absorbs readily, so you won’t be stuck with that feeling of dry-hands-underneath-sticky-lotion for 10 minutes. Better yet, a little goes a long way (and by “long way,” I mean covers your hands and lasts 1-2 days). You won’t need another bottle for at least 6 months, if not for a year.


• Ingredients hydrate and repair skin damage. Great for sensitive, breakout-prone hands that don’t do well with just any old cream.

• Fastest drying hand cream you can get. 

• Long-lasting bottle. Use just a small amount to cover both your hands, and you’re good for 1-2 days. 


• Witch hazel and some of the natural fragrances in the bottle may cause an allergic reaction for some guys. Read the ingredient list for allergens.

Brickell Men’s Maximum Strength Hand Balm

One thing to know about Brickell Men’s upfront: it’s a luxury brand, and it caters to a very specific type of guy. The slick texture and rustic scent don’t appeal to everyone – especially guys who already do the kind of work that makes them smell subtly rustic.

There’s really two types of guys who are best suited for Brickell Men’s: the 9-5 office guy who gets cracks and flakes from typing all day, and the working man who wants a product that starkly contrasts his career. Either way, it deserves to be called one of the best hand cream for construction workers.


• Best hand lotion to travel with. Small bottle fits in luggage, gym bags, and can get through TSA. Cap keeps it from leaking.

• Like all Brickell Men’s products, it comes with that classically manly scent. I think it’s great, but it’s a hit-or-miss for some guys.

• The oils and aloe vera hydrate and repair skin nicely. It’s almost an anti-aging product; you may notice sun spots fading.


• Greasy. It’s still incredibly effective, but it’s greasy. That’s a dealbreaker for some guys.

Bag Balm Ointment 

Cow udders, puppy paws, and human hands, from the North Pole to the twin towers – Bag Balm has been everywhere and moisturized everyone. It’s the best hand cream for guys who want a product whose history is as rich as its moisturization.

Open the tin, and you’ll first notice that it looks and sort of feels like vaseline. That’s the catch: it’s more of a sealant than a moisturizer. If you apply it before your hands have been exposed to drying elements, it’ll keep them protected. But by itself, it doesn’t necessarily count as a moisturizer. Apply a lotion first, then put a very thin layer of Bag Balm on top so that you won’t have to reapply your lotion throughout the day.


• Best sealant for guys who find themselves reapplying their moisturizer too often. It’ll make your other lotions last longer by creating a layer that protects your skin from further dryness.

• Extremely versatile. Use it everywhere on yourself, your kids, your dogs, and your farm animals. Treats burns, cuts, dryness, tattoos, and more.

• Long shelf life. It’s one of those products that you’ll have around for years.


• For best results, use another hand cream or ointment first, then put Bag Balm on top. It protects your skin, similar to a bandaid. But like a bandaid, it’s not a treatment in and of itself.

Should Men Use Hand Moisturizer?

Hand moisturizer is a gender neutral product, so if you’re worried about seeming “girly,” don’t be.

They’re essential if you frequently find that your palms and knuckles are flaking, cracked, irritated, and dry. And that happens to men more often than women! Hand creams should be considered the manliest product on the market when you think about it. They say, “I did a lot of work with my hands today.”

You should also consider using a great facial moisturizer. The skin on your face is even pickier than the skin on your hands, so it might be suffering from similar problems. However, don’t use hand cream on your face.

How Do I Get Rid Of Working Man’s Hands?

Hopefully you’re already answering this question in your head. You can get rid of working man’s hands by using the best hand creams for men with hands-on jobs.

You can also avoid putting low-quality products on your skin. Use a better bar soap that’s made for sensitive skin when you’re washing your hands. Avoid over-applying hand sanitizer. It dries out your skin (and contrary to popular belief, hand sanitizer doesn’t work on acne). 

Even if you can’t baby your hands while you’re working, you can baby your hands when it comes to the products you’re using.

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