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Why Is Creed Cologne So Expensive? (EXPLAINED)

If you’ve been eyeing a bottle of Aventus, you’re almost definitely wondering: Why is Creed cologne so expensive? And really, is it worth buying it?

We’ve pondered the same questions, and decided to put our knowledge and experience to work in answering them for you. After dozens of hours of research on Creed and other top cologne companies, we’re confident in our assessments of the brand and its fragrances.

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly why Creed cologne is so expensive — and whether it’s worth buying a bottle of their fine fragrances anyway. If that’s too rich for your blood, we’ll be closing out the article with suggestions on alternatives to Creed’s best colognes.

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What’s So Special About Creed Cologne?

Creed lays claim to one of the most impressive facts in perfuming history: They’re the only family-run, privately held luxury fragrance company in the world. 

Passed down from father to son since 1760, the house of Creed was founded in London before moving its headquarters to Paris, the perfuming capital of the world. In their more than 250 years in business, they have created and supplied colognes and perfumes to royalties and celebrities, including Queen Victoria, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and Grace Kelly.

In short: Creed is possibly the most highly-decorated niche perfumer in the world.

Here’s a few additional reasons why…

Premium Ingredients

Have you ever wondered why two fragrances that appear to have very similar aromatic notes can smell so different? That mostly comes down not to the selection of ingredients, but the quality of the individual aromatics.

Creed routinely sources some of the most expensive aromatics in the world for use in their colognes and perfumes. From their unisex Royal Oud, with its huge portions of ultra-rare agarwood, to the irresistible ambergris, musk, and Moroccan jasmine in Aventus, Creed’s fragrances are a masterclass in premium ingredients.

Luxury Packaging

The premium quality of Creed colognes and perfumes doesn’t stop at what’s inside of the bottle — it includes the bottle itself. Known for their opulent and impeccably well-designed bottles, a part of why Creed cologne is so expensive is because of their attention to detail in every aspect of their products.

From their instantly-recognizable bottle designs to the color and design choices that perfectly complement the fragrances held within, Creed’s luxury packaging is second to none.

Traditional Production Process

In addition to their attention to detail in packaging and ingredient selection, Creed is dedicated to using traditional production methods to achieve the best quality fragrances possible. Many of these older methods take more time, more skill, and more effort — leading to higher prices, but also much more robust aromatics.

For example: Creed is one of the only major fragrance producers to still macerate their most delicate ingredients. While this is a timely and costly process, the fragrance makers at Creed stand by using it as it produces deeply aromatic perfumes and colognes.

Trusted Brand Built On Quality

Think of this: While you can certainly find cheap alternatives to any luxury product, can you really count on them being of the same quality? We think not.

Another big reason for the expense of Creed colognes comes down to the company’s reputation. After over 250 years in business, serving the most discerning of consumers in the world, they’ve obviously developed a brand that speaks to quality — a combination of their attention to detail, willingness to use traditional production methods no matter the cost, and continually stellar customer service.

Is Creed Cologne Worth The Money?

With everything explained in the previous sections in mind, it’s time to decide: Is Creed cologne worth the money? We definitely think so. It would be incredibly challenging, if not impossible, to find a fragrance that is held to the same design and production standards as most Creed colognes

From their long history of successful products, to their impeccable bottle design, to the traditional methods used to produce their stunning colognes, few if any other perfumers go as far as Creed in their pursuit of quality. In our minds, this makes Creed cologne worth every penny.

Can You Buy Creed Fragrances Any Cheaper?

If you’re convinced of the quality of Creed colognes, but don’t want to lay down a wad of cash to try one on for the first time, you’re mostly out of luck. Especially in the area of fine fragrances, seeing an expensive bottle advertised for a steep discount might mean you’re buying a fake; the problem is so prevalent that we wrote a guide on how to spot fake cologne while buying online.

There’s one alternative you might want to consider for trying on a Creed cologne at a bargain: Go to your local department store’s fragrance counter, and ask them if they have any samples of Creed colognes. At the very least, you’ll get to spray some on and see for yourself whether it measures up to your expectations.

What Are The Best Creed Alternatives?

So if you’re not going for a Creed cologne, what’s the best alternative?

Here are our suggestions:

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