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Body Spray vs Cologne: What’s The Difference?

If you don’t know the difference between body spray vs cologne, you might be missing a lot of opportunities to smell your best. But don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Thanks to our hours of research on the ingredients used in body spray and cologne, you’re in good hands.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the similarities and differences in body spray vs cologne, and giving you clear guidelines for when to use each one. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll know exactly which fragrance product is right for you, so let’s get started.

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What Is Body Spray Used For?

Body spray is the perfect compliment to hot summer days: A light mixing of alcohol, fragrance, and water, it’s great for adding a hint of scent and freshness. It’s far from being as strong as cologne, but also much less expensive.

Depending on the brand of body spray you choose, you may also get moisturizing or antiperspirant benefits thanks to the addition of glycerin or aluminum. These types of body sprays are ideal for applying across all of the areas where you sweat the most, whereas cologne is best kept to your pulse points.

What Is Cologne Used For?

Whereas body spray can be used all over your body to good effect, cologne is more specific in its applications. To get the most out of your cologne, stick to applying its concentrated fragrance at your pulse points — the base of your neck, insides of your wrists, and behind your ears.

Cologne is used to create a noticeable and evolving scent throughout an entire day. Compared to body sprays, cologne lasts much, much longer and has a more intense aroma. To summarize: Cologne is a fragrance you apply once, to specific places on your body, to smell great all day long.

Is Body Spray The Same As Cologne?

At first glance, body spray and cologne seem very similar, just like how aftershave and cologne are. They are both a combination of alcohol, water, and aromatics, and are designed to be sprayed on your body to make you smell great. The two are not, however, the same.

Body spray is a very lightly scented product that fades quickly, making it great for freshening up but not for smelling great all day long. Cologne, on the other hand, is an intensely aromatic product that’s designed to create a strong, noticeable smell that lasts all day long.

Which Lasts Longer: Body Spray Or Perfume?

In the contest of body spray vs perfume, there’s no doubt as to which is the winner in longevity: Perfumes.

Perfumes and colognes get their long-lasting effectiveness from a much higher concentration of aromatics — up to 30 times as high as what you’ll find in body sprays. Of course, this means that colognes and perfumes will cost quite a bit more than body spray as well; so if you’re on a tight budget, a body spray can be an inexpensive way to freshen up.

How Often Should You Apply Body Spray?

Thanks to its affordable pricing and travel-friendly packaging, body spray is ideally suited to carrying along with you and reapplying throughout the day. But how often should you reapply body spray?

We think of body spray as an excellent way to freshen up after a shower, but not a great solution for all-day wear. Spray some on in the morning, after you work out, and maybe before going out to meet friends; anything more than this is probably overkill, and would be better addressed by using a longer-lasting cologne or perfume.

Should I Wear Cologne Everyday?

The choice of whether to wear cologne every day is certainly a personal one — but we’d like to weigh in with our expert opinion as cologne reviewers.

Finding your signature scent is the first step in wearing cologne every day. 

Once you find a cologne that suits your style almost perfectly, there’ll be no question:

You’ll want to wear cologne every day.

Furthermore, what downside is there to wearing cologne every day? If you can find a fragrance that’s well within your price range, it becomes an affordable way to take great care of yourself. And when you take better care of yourself, women will definitely notice.

Is Body Spray Or Perfume Better?

To answer whether body spray or perfume is better, you’ll have to ask one further question: Better for what?

Body spray is ideally suited as a way to freshen up after taking a shower or getting active. Its light scent and all-over application make it a quick way to feel and smell your best, but it won’t last for long on your skin or clothes.

Perfume, on the other hand, is best when applied once (at the start of the day) and allowed to develop on your skin all day long. It’s the best solution to smelling great all day, without having to reapply multiple times.

Body Spray vs Cologne: The Final Verdict 

At the end of the day, the choice of body spray vs cologne comes down to what you intend to use it for. Basically, are you looking for something to smell good for a moment, or all day long? And do you need something with antiperspirant qualities, or just a fragrance?

Body sprays are quick and easy to apply all over your body, and can be made with antiperspirants to limit sweating, but their scent won’t last for very long at all. They’re great for spraying on after taking a shower, but aren’t a great solution for all-day wear. 

You’ll need to learn how to apply cologne for maximum effect, but once you do, it will keep you smelling great all day long with a single application. It’s the more complex and interesting of the two products, and is a more refined and sophisticated alternative to body sprays.

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