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You Can Now Get Paid $12,000 To Grow A Mullet

The last few years haven’t brought the best things our way, however the return of the mullet, may be the exception. Whether you were alive in the ‘80s or not, we’ve all heard of and seen the classic mullet, and whether you like them or not, none of us can disagree that they are a show stopping look. 

Though, there seems to be ‘mullet discrimination’ around the globe as the hairstyle can often have negative connotations around it, with people often assuming mulleted people to be lazy, uneducated or a joke. In fact, Iran banned the mullet in 2010 and venues in Australia have been accused of ‘mullet discrimination’. 

With the rise in people growing mullets over these past two years, we here at want to discover what it’s like to have one, what it takes to maintain the iconic look and what kind of reactions you get from rocking the sometimes-controversial hairstyle.

Hoping to do just this as we are looking to hire someone to grow a mullet and become our very own ‘Mullet Master’! 

The soon to be ‘Mullet Master’ will be paid $12,000 to grow the iconic ‘80s hairstyle over the next year, documenting their experience and reporting back on any experiences of ‘mullet discrimination’.

Job requirements: 

  • The successful candidate must shave their head and then grow a mullet throughout the 12-month contract period
  • When the hair is long enough, will arrange an appointment for the mullet haircut with a specialist hairdresser, arranging a convenient time with the successful candidate
  • Provide bi-weekly growth check ins so it can be reported on the website with images of how their mullet is coming along
  • Share a monthly blog post on the website to provide engaging content for people who have, or are considering growing, a mullet. Blogs must detail the experience of growing and then having a mullet, sharing with readers how to maintain it and grooming recommendations, and most importantly, how people react to the hairstyle and whether they have encounter any ‘mullet discrimination’ of any form.

Job perks:

  • $12,000 salary (paid monthly at $1,000 per month)
  • Flexible working hours 
  • We will also give the successful candidate a $5,000 bonus if they wish to keep the hairstyle for the foreseeable future as we hope to encourage more people to be brave and bold when it comes to grooming!

Who can apply? 

  • Candidates must be over the age of 18
  • The role is open for people of all genders worldwide.
  • Candidates must be fluent in English and have good writing skills.

We hope that by hiring someone to document their journey we can help educate other mullet owners on how best to maintain and master their hairstyle, as well as encourage even more people to hop on the hottest hair trend of the year. So, if you fancy trialing a new look and don’t mind sharing your journey with us, please apply using the form below!

Applications close on April 15 2022.