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5 Best Vetiver Cologne For Men In 2023

Would you know the best vetiver cologne for men if you smelled it? With an ingredient as complex as vetiver, it can be tough to discern which colognes are truly exceptional and which are just so-so. But don’t worry: We’ve put our expert noses to work in bringing you this list of only the finest vetiver colognes.

In this guide, we’ll be introducing you to our five favorite vetiver-based fragrances, with options for everything from daily wear to special occasions, date nights, and more. Along the way, you’ll learn about the co-stars in each vetiver scent with complete notes on every aromatic in each bottling.

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5 Best Vetiver Cologne For Men In 2022

The following five colognes are, without a doubt, our absolute favorite vetiver fragrances. They run the gamut from classic to contemporary, and are appropriate for a range of budgets.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver (Our Top Pick)

American fashion designer Tom Ford has a way with fragrances that we love — so much so, in fact, that we’ve written an article showcasing the best Tom Ford colognes for men. As for Grey Vetiver, it’s a woody spicy cologne that feels much more classic than it’s relatively recent debut in 2009. If we could only choose one vetiver cologne, Tom Ford would have to be it.

Zesty grapefruit peels are joined by fragrant orange blossom and herbal sage in Grey Vetiver’s top notes, leading slowly but surely into a dense heart of freshly grated nutmeg, succulent orris root, and spicy pimento. Of course, vetiver has a dominant role to play throughout the entire composition — and it’s beautifully complemented in the base notes by oakmoss, amber, and subtle woody tones.

Overall, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is a long lasting cologne with a moderate intensity that makes it perfect for anytime, anywhere wear. We’d be happy to wear it in all four seasons, and it’s approachable enough to wear to work or special occasions.


  • Top notes of grapefruit, orange blossom, and sage
  • Middle notes of nutmeg, orris root, and pimento
  • Base notes of vetiver, woody notes, oakmoss, and amber

Best For: 

  • Year-round wear
  • Daytime wear
  • Wearing to work or classes

Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

A clear, fresh, and classic scent that has stood the test of time, Eau Sauvage is a citrus aromatic cologne that debuted in 1966. It’s been a longtime favorite of men looking for a simultaneously fresh and masculine scent, and the heavy presence of vetiver helps to further emphasize both of these aspects.

Complexity is the key characteristic of Eau Sauvage. Lemon and bergamot join basil, rosemary, caraway, and fresh fruit notes in the top notes. This leads quickly and assertively into a heart of jasmine and patchouli, coriander and rose, sandalwood and carnation, each in balance with one another. Grounded by a base redolent with dry and grassy vetiver, it’s rounded out by oakmoss, musk, and amber for a classically masculine scent.

With a moderate intensity and moderate longevity, Eau Sauvage is a versatile cologne that’s appropriate to wear in almost any situation. We recommend it for men who want a genuinely masculine cologne that is still approachable and never overbearing.


  • Top notes of lemon, bergamot, basil, rosemary, caraway, and mixed fruits
  • Middle notes of jasmine, coriander, patchouli, carnation, orris root, sandalwood, and rose
  • Base notes of oakmoss, vetiver, musk, and amber

Best For: 

  • Men who want a classic scent
  • Anyone who appreciates a complex fragrance

Hermes Terre D’Hermes 

A vertically-structured scent based on the amazing complexity of woody ingredients, Terre D’Hermes is a woody spicy style cologne that debuted in 2006. It’s a much more restrained take on the vetiver cologne style, favoring subtlety over complexity and minimalism over intensity.

Fresh orange and grapefruit peels make for an easygoing introduction to this fragrance, while crushed black peppercorns join exotic pelargonium flowers in the long-lasting heart notes. Built on a foundation of ample amounts of vetiver, the richly resinous base notes also include healthy portions of cedar, patchouli, and benzoin.

A long lasting cologne with a subtle and balanced projection, Terre D’Hermes is deserving of becoming any man’s daily go-to cologne. If you favor a minimal aesthetic, it’s almost certainly the right vetiver cologne to add to your collection.


  • Top notes of orange and grapefruit
  • Middle notes of black peppercorns and pelargonium
  • Base notes of vetiver, cedar, patchouli, and benzoin

Best For: 

  • Year-round wear
  • All day wear

Roja Parfums Vetiver

The creator, Roja Dove, says this about the scent: “Vetiver was inspired by the memory of the imprint of a lover’s scent on your skin as you leave them – I created this to be the ultimate in how a man should smell.” What better endorsement could you give this chypre style cologne?

A relatively simple set of top notes introduces this fragrance from Roja, with bergamot and lemon quickly giving way to intoxicating heart notes of labdanum, rose, and jasmine. The astonishingly complex base is where this cologne becomes truly magical though, with massive amounts of vetiver playing the starring role in a conglomeration of oakmoss, labdanum, nutmeg, caraway, peppercorns, exotic woods, and resins.

Long lasting and intense, Roja Parfums Vetiver is the ideal cologne for date nights. You’ll consistently get compliments while wearing it, making it a wonderful choice for anyone who’s single and looking to mingle.


  • Top notes of bergamot and lemon
  • Middle notes of labdanum, rose, and jasmine
  • Base notes of vetiver, oakmoss, labdanum, galbanum, cedar, nutmeg, celery seeds, caraway, pink peppercorns, black peppercorns, guaiac wood, and amyris

Best For: 

  • Date nights
  • Getting compliments on your scent

Amouroud Lunar Vetiver

The only unisex vetiver fragrance to grace this list, Amouroud Lunar Vetiver is a woody fragrance that debuted only as recently as 2018. It has the most atypical composition of any cologne that we’ve recently seen, and would make a wonderful addition to your cologne collection.

A generally typical opening of bergamot and pink peppercorns is accented by fiery and unexpected pimento peppers in this cologne’s top notes, which move slowly into its sumptuous heart of desert cactus flowers, sweet vanilla, and burning sage. Concentrated vetiver oil gives a dry, leathery, and earthy tone to the entire base, where it is accompanied by tobacco blossoms and tonka beans for added complexity.

An incredibly long lasting fragrance with a pronounced intensity, Amouroud Lunar Vetiver is also quite pricey. We love it for its uniqueness and complexity, and particularly recommend it for use on special occasions and date nights.


  • Top notes of bergamot, pimento, and pink peppercorns
  • Middle notes of cactus flower, vanilla, and sage
  • Base notes of vetiver oil, tobacco blossom, and tonka bean

Best For: 

  • Special occasions
  • Date nights

What Does Vetiver Smell Like?

Vetiver is best known in the fragrance making world for its excellent fixative properties, meaning that it helps to give greater longevity to more fragile and ethereal ingredients. The scent of vetiver itself can be hard to pin down, though — with more than 100 identified chemical compounds, it’s a favorite of cologne lovers who appreciate complexity.

Overall, though, vetiver has six main aspects of its scent: Depth, sweetness, smokiness, earthy pungency, smoky high tones, and a resinous finish. It will develop and improve with age, growing more complex as the years pass.

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