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5 Best Tommy Bahama Cologne For Men In 2023

Are you ready to start wearing the best Tommy Bahama cologne for men, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

A rarity among cologne producers, Tommy Bahama is best known for its casual and active style rather than high fashion or the professional sporting world. They’re also a relative newcomer to the world of fine fragrances, with their first cologne produced only as recently as 2006.

So if you’re wondering whether a Tommy Bahama cologne might be just right for you, read on! Because in this guide, we’ll be reviewing our five favorite Tommy Bahama colognes for men available on the market today. 

With full aromatic profile notes as well as what occasions we’d wear each cologne for, you’ll be set to decide on which one best matches your particular style. Let’s get started!

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5 Best Tommy Bahama Cologne For Men In 2022

Even with a smaller catalog than older perfume houses, Tommy Bahama showcases an impressive range of unique scents. Each of the five colognes that follow is the cream of the crop, and great for wearing on a variety of occasions.

Tommy Bahama St. Barts (Our Top Pick)

Named after Saint Barthelemy, an island in the French West Indies, Tommy Baham’s St. Bart’s brings exotic ocean scents into perfect harmony with tropical fruit. With its distinctly salty, tropical, and sweet aromatic profile, we think Tommy Bahama St. Bart’s might be the best smelling Tommy Bahama cologne for men, period! (Plus, we picked it as the best coconut cologne for men).

Fresh-squeezed lime juice mingles with fresh oceanic and agave notes to instantly transport you to your favorite island paradise. And as instantly recognizable as the top notes of St. Bart’s are, the center becomes even more complex: Guava is present in all its tropical fruity glory, backed up by mineral salts. As the cologne dries on your skin, subtle vanilla and musk tones will be all that is left, leaving a powdery and dry finish.

Like many of Tommy Bahama’s colognes, St. Bart’s is tailor-made for warm weather wear. It displays moderate longevity and intensity, making it a well-balanced choice for anyp summertime activities indoors or outdoors.


  • Top notes of lime, tequila, ocean, and agave
  • Middle notes of salt, guava, and tropical grasses
  • Base notes of palm leaf, musk, and vanilla

Best For: 

  • Wearing all summer long
  • Indoor or outdoor wear
  • Instantly putting you in a better mood

Tommy Bahama

Jam-packed with long-lasting fruity and oceanic aromas, Tommy Bahama’s namesake cologne conjures up images of barbecue parties on an isolated stretch of white sand beach. It’s an unapologetically fruit-forward and intense cologne that’s an impressive value for the price, making it a favorite of men looking for a juicy but strong summertime scent.

From the first sniff, watermelon freshly cut at the height of its summer ripeness is unmistakable in this cologne. Paired with freshly grated ginger, it forms a signature top note that’s instantly recognizable as a Tommy Bahama fragrance. Yet underneath this fruity shell lies a surprisingly complex heart full of spicy coriander, rich amber, and sweet tonka bean.

A little bit of Tommy Bahama’s signature cologne goes a long way, with a single spray lasting around 12 hours on your skin. It’s not an intensely dispersive cologne, and will sit comfortably next to your skin for all day wear in the summertime heat.


  • Top notes of watermelon, tangerine, pear, and ginger
  • Middle notes of violet leaf, coriander, and tiare flower
  • Base notes of amber, sandalwood, and tonka bean

Best For: 

  • Summer barbecues
  • Outdoor parties

Tommy Bahama Maritime

Frank Voekel, the creator of Tommy Bahama’s Maritime for Men, has this to say about the scent: “There’s an energy and a feeling of speed in a rolling wave, and like the top notes of Maritime that hook you right in.” And judging from the creative use of botanicals in Maritime’s composition, we’d have to agree!

Intensely herbal lavender and clary sage lead the way into citrus and peppercorn in Maritime, before transitioning smoothly and powerfully to a bouquet of tropical flowers. Ambergris, the only truly oceanic musky scent, rounds out a strong middle that’s supported by a base of sandalwood and cedar. Overall, Maritime is a distinctly masculine and decidedly oceanic cologne.

One of the few Tommy Bahama scents to include spicy components, Maritime for Men is good for three season wear (excluding winter). In spite of its intense aromas, this cologne has a relatively short duration — just 4 to 6 hours before needing to reapply.


  • Top notes of lavender, pink pepper, bergamot, and clary sage
  • Middle notes of violet leaf, water lily, geranium, ambergris, and jasmine
  • Base notes of cedar, musk, moss, and sandalwood

Best For: 

  • Daytime wear in the spring, summer, and fall
  • Men who want a summer scent without much fruit

Tommy Bahama St. Kitts

Named after one half of an island pair in the British West Indies, Tommy Bahama’s St. Kitts pairs juicy fruits with seafoam, salt, and long-matured driftwood to create a uniquely tropical scent. Released only as recently as 2015, it has continued to gain popularity thanks to its approachable style, good value, and distinctly masculine aroma.

While overall a cologne that is heavy on woody tones, St. Kitts opens up with exotic carambola. Better known as starfruit, this melon-like tropical fruit is paired with citrus zest and sea salt in the cologne’s heart. Driftwood and intensely oceanic ambergris ground the scent, giving it long-lasting masculine appeal while still allowing sweetness to show all the way through.

Moderate to great longevity and middle-of-the-road intensity make St. Kitts a very easily likeable cologne, inoffensive to just about any nose. It truly shines during the warmer months of the year, but lacks the spice and richness to wear year-round. If you’re looking for the most masculine of tropical fruit scents, St. Kitts might be the right choice for you!


  • Top notes of star fruit, mandarin orange, and lime zest
  • Middle notes of ocean, sea salt, and cedarwood
  • Base notes of driftwood, ambergris, and musk

Best For: 

  • Men who want a tropical but masculine scent
  • Spring and summertime wear

Tommy Bahama Martinique

The entire “Set Sail” line of Tommy Bahama’s colognes was designed with one goal in mind: Make life one long weekend. And even if you’ll still have to go to work each day, wearing a cologne like Tommy Bahama Martinique just might transport your mind to a deserted island, coconut beverage in hand.

What is the true, lasting scent of water? That seems to be the question that Martinique is set to answer, attacking the elusive aroma from all angles and at all levels of the fragrance. Salty, oceanic, and fresh tones lie underneath top notes of lavender, a center of complex citrus, and musky undertones. If you’ve always wanted a cologne that smells just like your memories on the beach, Martinique may be the scent for you.

With a long development of its oceanic aromas, Tommy Bahama Martinique ends up being a good value because of how little you’ll need to apply. A single spray will last for most of a day, though a reapplication before heading to a beachside barbecue will refresh the relaxing watery tones.


  • Top notes of sea breeze, ocean waves, and lavender
  • Middle notes of salt and mixed citrus zests
  • Base notes of marine life and musk

Best For: 

  • Relaxing anytime, anywhere
  • Nighttime wear at summer parties

The History Of Tommy Bahama Cologne

As a subsidiary offshoot of the famous Oxford Industries fashion brand, the Tommy Bahama brand started from humble roots in printing silk shirts. 

After expanding their offerings into swimwear, footwear, and activewear, Tommy Bahama’s popularity grew faster than anyone expected. Next came accessories for men and women, umbrellas, watches, home furnishings, a branded rum, and even a few restaurants! 

It wasn’t until 2005, however, that Tommy Bahama entered into the market for fine fragrances. This year saw the release of Tommy Bahama for Women (a citrus and floral scent) as well as Tommy Bahama Men (a spicy and herbal scent). 

Since then, Tommy Bahama has carried on with their distinctly laid-back island theme, producing new colognes with names both nautical and geographic. With colognes available in a wide price range, there’s sure to be a Tommy Bahama scent for any man.

Does Tommy Bahama Cologne Smell Good?

If you spend even just 5 minutes looking into the notes within any Tommy Bahama cologne, you’ll quickly realize that brand isn’t playing with its quality. However, do these blend of ingredients really lead to a cologne that demands attention?

Turns out, yes! According to customer reviews, Tommy Bahama is one of the best luxury colognes you can buy online. With hundreds of 4 and 5 star reviews on each cologne we’ve reviewed today, you’d be hard pressed to find another brand that can match Tommy Bahama’s raving reputation.

For more fragrances as awesome as Tommy Bahama, check out brands like Givenchy, Lacoste, and YSL.

Which Tommy Bahama Cologne Is Best?

Life would be boring and bland if there was only one choice of cologne. If you’re going to spend the money to buy a quality cologne, you might as well get one that reflects your personality and attracts the right people towards you. Luckily, Tommy Bahama has a cologne that does just that.

Tommy Bahama St. Barts is our pick as the the best Tommy Bahama cologne for men. It’s an exciting cologne that combines exotic ocean scents with tropical fruit. Then as the top notes fade and the middle and base notes come into play, you’re introduced to to even more complex scents including Guava, vanilla, and musk.

We’re not the only ones who say it’s great either. With over 500 raving reviews, it’s a cologne that has its own base of cult followers. It’s perfect for all men whether you’re a father, husband, or son.

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