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5 Best Michel Germain Cologne For Men In 2023

Curious to know what the best Michel Germain cologne for men is? We’ve collected notes on their entire lineup of fragrances to bring you this, our guide to finding the right Michel Germain cologne to fit your style.

A Canadian fashion designer that’s been making fragrances since 1994, Michel Germain has made a name for himself as a producer of intense and unforgettable colognes. Starting with his groundbreaking hit Sexual, Germain has continued to push the envelope on perfuming practices and carve out a niche for himself in the modern cologne market.

In today’s article, we’ll be covering the best Michel Germaine colognes for every budget and style, with a particular focus on their aromatics and when and where to wear each scent. No need to wait, let’s get started.

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5 Best Michel Germain Cologne For Men In 2022

It’s hard to go wrong with any Michel Germain cologne, but the following five choices are our favorites thanks to their value and versatility.

Michel Germain Sexual Paris (Our Top Pick)

The perfect date night cologne, Michel Germain Sexual Paris is guaranteed to draw attention in a striking and subtle way. It’s a strongly masculine oriental fougere style cologne that has continued to attract legions of fans since its debut in 2015, and is easily our favorite Michel Germain cologne.

Licorice-tinged star anise is joined by spicy cardamom and zesty grapefruit peel in Sexual Paris’s top notes, which transition slowly and subtly into a complex heart. Built around bubbly champagne in its center, Sexual Paris is accented further by black cardamom and sage. Anchored by a pungent base of patchouli, fir resin, and freshly sawn cedar, Sexual Paris is as unforgettable as its namesake city.

Featured a moderate longevity with an uncommonly restrained intensity, Sexual Paris might be the most seductive and alluring date night cologne that you’ll ever find. While we wouldn’t recommend wearing it to the office, we think that every single guy should own a bottle.


  • Top notes of star anise, cardamom, and grapefruit
  • Middle notes of champagne, sage, cardamom, and mandarin orange
  • Base notes of patchouli, fir resin, and cedar

Best For: 

  • Projecting masculinity
  • Wearing on first dates

Michel Germain Sexual

The cologne that put Michel Germain on the map, Sexual was released in 1997. It’s an oriental fruity musk style fragrance, with an uncommon longevity not usually seen in that style. If you’re looking for a cologne that will stand the test of time, this is definitely the one.

Clementine, bergamot, and bitter orange compete with muskmelon and basil in Sexual’s top notes, which give way slowly and languorously to a heart of gardenia, lavender, and sage. In the deep and enticing base, you’ll find classic musk and patchouli offset by vanilla, tonka bean, and sandalwood for a one-two punch of memorable fragrances.

Long lasting with a moderate intensity, Sexual is most at home in the dark and cool nights of fall and winter. It’s an excellent cologne to have in your collection for special occasions and first dates, or as an everyday wear throughout the colder months of the year.


  • Top notes of clementine, basil, melon, bergamot, and petitgrain
  • Middle notes of gardenia, lavender, and sage
  • Base notes of sandalwood, musk, patchouli, tonka bean, and vanilla

Best For: 

  • Fall and winter wear
  • Nighttime wear

Michel Germain Sexual Steel

The only cologne that we’ve ever seen that features “metal” as an aromatic note, Michel Germain’s Sexual Steel is technically an aromatic fruity style cologne. Released in 2013, it’s a fresh and zesty take that goes far afield of the original Sexual and paves a new path towards greatness.

Uncommon themes abound in Sexual Steel, such as the use of rhubarb as a major top note. It’s accented by bergamot and ginger before sliding into heart notes of lavender, nutmeg, and black pepper. The base, however, is where Sexual Steel truly stands out: Clean and shining metal is clad in leather and musk, giving a fresh and masculine tone to the entire scent.

Offering moderate longevity and a balanced intensity, Sexual Steel seems perfectly suited for daytime wear during the warmest months of the year. It’s restrained enough to wear to the office, and unique enough to become your go-to cologne for splashing on before meeting up with friends.


  • Top notes of rhubarb, bergamot, and ginger
  • Middle notes of lavender, nutmeg, and black pepper
  • Base notes of metal, leather, and musk

Best For: 

  • Spring and summer wear
  • Daytime wear

Michel Germain Sexual Fresh

A citrus aromatic style cologne that debuted in 2007, Michel Germain Sexual Fresh is just as lively and invigorating as its name implies. If you’ve been looking for a bright and fruity cologne to add to your collection, Sexual Fresh definitely fits the bill.

A trio of citrus peels makes up Sexual Fresh’s top notes, with bergamot, grapefruit, and mandarin orange receiving equal billing. Lavender comprises the entire heart of this fragrance, while subtle oakmoss is used as a base note that continues to lift up the fragrance throughout its entire duration.

Strong and fairly long lasting, Sexual Fresh is a cologne that absolutely requires hot weather to display its best characteristics. It’s an excellent cologne in the spring and summer, and despite its fairly intense dispersion is fresh and clean enough to wear to the office.


  • Top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and mandarin orange
  • Middle notes of lavender
  • Base notes of oakmoss

Best For: 

  • Wearing on the hottest days of the year
  • Splashing on after going to the gym

Michel Germain Sexual Noir

The most deep and masculine of all Michel Germain’s fragrances, Sexual Noir is made in the lesser-known aromatic fougere style. Since its release in 2012, Sexual Noir has steadily gained popularity thanks to its balanced composition and purpose as a date night cologne.

Cracked green cardamom pods are joined by grapefruit and bergamot peels in Sexual Noir’s top notes, which move quickly into a more complex heart. Honey and musk are uncommonly deep heart notes, elevated only slightly by spicy coriander and fresh orange blossom. Built on a  foundation of tonka bean, tobacco, and oakmoss, Sexual Noir is a beast of a cologne that will leave a strong impression.

Featuring a moderate longevity and an exceptional intensity, Michel Germain Sexual Noir is set to become your go-to cologne for date nights. It’s balanced enough to be worn year-round, but its intensely heady aromatics makes it best for nighttime wear.


  • Top notes of cardamom, grapefruit, and bergamot
  • Middle notes of honey, coriander, orange blossom, musk, and lavender
  • Base notes of tonka bean, tobacco, and moss

Best For: 

  • Year-round wear
  • Nighttime wear
  • First dates

What Cologne Is Similar To Michel Germain?

The most notable component of our favorite Michel Germain colognes is their inclusion of oriental aromatics in otherwise classic compositions. A few other fragrance makers also do this well, and these are a few of our favorites:

Perry Ellis is also well known for his use of oriental fragrance styles, particularly in his 360 line of colognes and perfumes. Perry Ellis 360 Red is our favorite of the bunch, and we think it’s the best Perry Ellis cologne for men thanks to its outstanding value and versatility.

Kenneth Cole’s Mankind Hero is the most directly comparable to our favorite Michel Germain colognes, as it is made in the uncommon oriental fougere style. It’s one of the best Kenneth Cole Colognes for men due in part to its uniquely fresh top notes and outstanding intensity.

We’re quite fond of Thierry Mugler’s Angel Men, as well. It’s a complex and unforgettable oriental fougere style cologne, and easily holds the title as the best Thierry Mugler cologne for men. Be sure and check out the additional variations of the original for a different take on the style, too.

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