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5 Best Armaf Cologne For Men In 2023

Finding the best Armaf cologne for men can be easy — as long as you stick with the suggestions we’ve collected in this handy guide.

As one of the most recent additions to the world of fine fragrances, Armaf has a lot to prove. Based out of the United Arab Emirates and creating perfumes and colognes since just 2014, they’ve developed an impressive array of affordable scents.

In this review, we’ll cover our picks for the five best Armaf colognes for men, taking into account the quality of their ingredients, duration and intensity, and overall value. You’ll also get specific recommendations for when and where to wear each cologne, and a complete breakdown of the aromatic notes in each fragrance.

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5 Best Armaf Cologne For Men In 2022

In their short time in the fragrance business, Armaf has amassed a considerable selection of colognes and perfumes. From the dozens of scents available, we’ve chosen our top five with every man and every occasion in mind.

Intense Man (Our Top Pick)

Distinctively woody and spicy, Armaf’s Intense Man is exactly as it sounds: A powerfully masculine scent. Don’t let this fool you into thinking it’s a one trick pony, though; Intense Man is also wonderfully balanced, making it an excellent cologne for wearing any time of day, all year round. If we could only pick one Armaf cologne to wear, this would be the one.

An approachable top note selection is packed with fruits. Citrus peels join pineapple and green apple to lead the way into this scent, before a smooth transition to flowers and freshly sawn birch wood. Combine that with a deep base of animalistic musk, sweet vanilla, and oceanic ambergris, and you have a cologne with significant staying power.

Intense Man has an excellent duration with only moderate intensity, making it an easy go-to cologne for almost any occasion. And thanks to its long lasting aroma, it’s quite a great value as well. Highly recommended for any man to try at least once.


  • Top notes of lemon, pineapple, blackcurrant, bergamot, and apple
  • Middle notes of birch, jasmine, and rose
  • Base notes of musk, ambergris, patchouli, and vanilla

Best For: 

  • Year-round wear
  • All day wear
  • Your new go-to cologne

Tres Nuit

Strongly aromatic and lovingly spicy, Tres Nuit manages to pull off something that not many colognes can lay claim to: Balancing citrus and spice without giving up a decidedly masculine tone. For this reason, we think it makes one of the absolute best colognes to wear as the weather warms up each year.

Herbal and fragrant lemon verbena pairs with lemon peel and iris in the opening notes, moving smoothly into violet and lavender in this cologne’s heart. You’ll find a plethora of baking spices present, from cinnamon to allspice to nutmeg and more, before moving deeper into the base notes of salty ambergris and sandalwood.

With a moderate wear time of 4 to 6 hours and a fairly light intensity, Tres Nuit plays its cards close to the vest and is a wonderfully subtle cologne. Consider adding it to your collection for wearing on pleasantly warm days, where its subtle aroma can truly shine.


  • Top notes of lemon verbena, iris, and lemon
  • Middle notes of violet, lavender, and baking spices
  • Base notes of ambergris and sandalwood

Best For: 

  • Spring and summer wear
  • Daytime wear

Hunter Intense

The bottle for Armaf Hunter Intense gives you a strong clue as to what’s inside. Its distinctive leather wrap and strong, clean lines mimic the cologne itself, showcasing a truly masculine cologne that’s destined for date nights where you have someone you want to impress.

A bursting introduction of citrus peels sees bergamot, lemon, and mandarin orange joined by the subtly spicy green cardamom, lending an Asian flair that keeps Hunter Intense from being too predictable. The heart moves quickly into lavender and flowers joined by cracked pink peppercorns, while the rich base of woods, musk, and patchouli gives a stronger masculine characteristic to the entire cologne.

With a long-lasting duration of 8 hours or more, but a moderate intensity that won’t offend even the most sensitive of noses, Hunter Intense is poised to become your new favorite special occasion cologne. Better yet, it’s quite affordable — making it an easy choice to add to your cologne collection.


  • Top notes of bergamot, lemon, mandarin orange, and cardamom
  • Middle notes of geranium, lavender, rose, and pink peppercorns
  • Base notes of vetiver, cedar, musk, labdanum, and patchouli

Best For: 

  • Making an impression
  • Date nights

Derby Club House Blanche

Departing noticeably from the other Armaf colognes in this review, Derby Club House Blance is Armaf’s take on an aromatic aquatic cologne in the style of Acqua di Gio. Fresh, clean, and energizing, it’s an ideal scent for wearing all summer long or splashing on after a workout.

Sweet orange peels and bergamot juice are joined by aquatic accords in the opening notes of Derby Club House Blanche. A naturally saline green tea note is immediately present in the heart, alongside juicy blackcurrants. Anchored by a base of musk and sandalwood, Derby Club House Blanche doesn’t stray too far from classic cologne formulations.

Offering a moderate wear time and moderate intensity, Armaf’s Derby Club House Blanche is an excellent cologne to wear to the office or while getting together with friends for a backyard barbecue. If you’re not a fan of overtly masculine colognes, we definitely recommend giving this one a try during the warmer months of the year.


  • Top notes of fresh stream water, orange peel, and bergamot
  • Middle notes of green tea leaves and blackcurrants
  • Base notes of musk, galbanum, and sandalwood

Best For: 

  • Spring and summer wear
  • Daytime wear
  • Freshening up after the gym


Intensely woody and aromatic, Ventana by Armaf is like the blast of fresh, warm air that you get opening a window in the countryside. Bright and citrus-heavy, it’s an ideal cologne for men who want their scent to be as approachable and agreeable as possible.

Lush and oily grapefruit, lemon, and mandarin orange peels come together to make a citrus bouquet for Ventana’s opening notes, leading swiftly into an enticing and complex heart of lavender, patchouli, and vetiver. Thankfully, the base of cedarwood and amber provides plenty of depth to this otherwise ethereal cologne.

Offering a moderate wear time of 4 to 6 hours and a friendly intensity of dispersion, Ventana is ideally suited as an “anytime, anywhere” sort of cologne. If you’re a fan of bright and easygoing colognes, it might be the perfect choice for you.


  • Top notes of grapefruit, lemon, and mandarin orange peels
  • Middle notes of lavender, geranium, patchouli, and vetiver
  • Base notes of cedar, amber, and wood resins

Best For: 

  • Year-round wear
  • Men who want a bright, citrus-heavy scent

What Is The Best Armaf Fragrance For Men?

If we could only pick one cologne as the best Armaf fragrance for men, it’s hard to go wrong with Intense Man. Combining juicy fruit top notes with a rich and intriguing center, it’s a remarkably modern cologne that still doesn’t stray too far from the perfumer’s tradition of having strong masculine base notes.

For men who tend to wear colognes for special occasions rather than daily use, however, Armaf Hunter Intense is likely the better choice. It’s a much stronger, richer experience than Intense Man, and tends to command more attention than our top pick.

Lastly, Ventana by Armaf gives a much softer, citrus-forward take to a daily wear cologne. If you’re looking for a simple but interesting scent that you can wear to the office or a party, it’s an excellent choice to add to your wardrobe.

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